Deepest Dark is awesome


I love that the Monsters have conquered Shear. I love that the Hunters are all almost dead. I am so happy that this is a post-apocalyptic map.

Thank you so much, TRS and 2K.


Wait, I’m confused, is it out?


The description is out.


Nah, he’s just loving the little info about the map.

Edit: Goddamn ninjas.


I’ve seen that. I was just wondering if it was released, because he kind of made it sound like it was released.


I just keep going back to the word “Time Era” and then knowing the Monster’s won

Does this mean an Evolve 2 is in place? Does this mean the Hunters can make a comeback?


Gorgon queen! Is this the monster that layed the eggs and left Maggie a lone survivor!


To what are you referring to…


He’s referring to the attack on Factor that left Maggie as the sole survivor afaik.


on a planet where she saw the monster that layed eggs


That planet is Factor and that Monster was the Host.


yeah but how does a queen gorgon make more gorgons?


Is “the Host” just a nickname for the queen Gorgon? Maybe there’s multiple queens?



…presumably by laying eggs. Regardless; the Gorgon had no presence on Factor and the Monster that tore that world asunder was the Host and Behemoth.


You mean… Deepest Dank… Right?


No; Gorgon and the Host are vastly different Monsters.


What does the Host look like? Was it the Monster in that really early build?


Yep. The Host is also, despite not being ingame, canon to the Evolve Universe :smiley:


The Host is a different monster. No relation to any version of the Gorgon or any version of any other monster.


#The Host

#The Gorgon

They’re two entirely different Monsters.

Also enter Matthew: