Deepest dark event:Fiasco



Hi I really liked rewards in this event not really parnell but bucket skins sound darn good,idea did not sound bad either and I was 100% sure we will reach 100k in first day.
Now looking at the result I m little disappointed.
Why did this community fail this hard?Was it for

  • Bugs with matchmaking
  • Bugs with monster speed
  • People burned out on coop vs ai,easy wins already and want to play hunt instead
  • People dodged match making too often because they want new map
  • Rewards
  • Lack of players

Something else or all together?What do you think had most significiant impact on this result?

Btw you can lose games quickly to push numbers up!I hope like 10k players will read this and go lose 7games each

Deepest Dark Community Challenge

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