Deepest Dark Community Challenge


The Deepest Dark Challenge gives the community a chance to win 2 Hunter skins and the new unreleased Paladin Parnell Medic Character!

#What are the goals?

  • 33,000 coop games -> Abe Nighthunter Weapon Skins
  • 66,000 coop games -> Bucket Nighthunter Weapon Skins
  • 100,000 coop games -> Paladin Parnell

Founders will already have Paladin Parnell upon release

#When does it start and end?
August 25th 9PM PST to August 28th 9PM PST. There’s also a countdown on the challenge page:

#What are the requirements?
You have to play co-op games. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the deepest dark or if you win–you just have to accumulate 100,000 coop games to get all rewards!

#How am I eligible?
Play coop games this weekend! As long as you play while the challenge is active/live and the community challenge goals are met, you will get the rewards!

#When will we get the rewards?
Rewards will be granted with the next update.

#GOOD LUCK :smiley:

Seems like we wont win the coop challenge any soon :/
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Deepest Dark Challenge and Ranked Rumours :gobi:
Before The Deepest Dark Challenge begins in 2 hours
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The 100,000 co-op plays milestone is absurd


Woo! Let’s crush this thing!
:gorgon: :gun:


Abe Nighthunter We get on a Thursday same as Bucket Nighthunter

But I don’t understand the Palnell thing

Everyone gets him unlocked on release whoever played that day? We get him the day after? I don’t get it




If the challenge is met, Founders + everyone who played DURING the challenge will have him upon release.

People who are not a Founder and did not play during the challenge will not be eligible for the rewards.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Alright guys, hold my beer.


Holding. :beer:



Yup, i’d like to play this challenge…if steam could reconnect! It’s under maintenance!


Soooo, again, can I participate in Solo Training?


Alright, I got a question @mizx

Will this site [] ever be updated to work with the new Stage 2 challenges?

It would be really nice to be able to track progress like the old days.


You can track these challenges on


Unforunately solo is not coop therefore will not contribute to the challenge :frowning:

Hopefully I’ll eventually have time to update We’ve been busy with Shear Madness stuff so I haven’t had time! Plus we’ve been driving traffic to :slight_smile:



I honestly would have never found that. Thank you lol

I guess the old site is kind of nostalgic, though. So many challenges we kept track of through there, taking screenshots and updating the forums every time the progress updates, even if it only went up by one.

Yeah, I can understand that. It’s just something we spent so much time using before Stage 2 hit, I kinda miss it lol


I miss it too! One day… :slight_smile:


tried it its weird but I like it. the only thing confusing is how those this tie with lore is there king goliath or wraith please explain this is confusing :confused:


passes along



Hey, anybody feel like grouping up to tackle these tomorrow? Send me a PM, should be fun. :slight_smile:


So, how does this work…? Do I have to play 100,000 co-op games? Or does the community have to play 100,000 co-op games…?