Dedicated Threads a tool to stifle discontent?

So I was reflecting on this issue over on the Halo 5 Guardians forums, and considered making this topic over there; then I remembered those forum users are a bunch of idiots who wouldn’t know a thoughtful discussion if it ran over them. Thus, I bring my thought to you, dear TRS fans.
Do y’all think the practice of having a single, dedicated thread for a topic (and locking any similar topic) has been used by developers to stifle dissent, discontent, etc?
Obviously there are many instances where this feature is both necessary and useful (for example, when new features for a game are announced). However, in cases where there is a widespread frustration over cut content or a lack of balance, it seems slightly shady to me to relegate all those thoughts to one thread; there’s no denying it makes the problem seem smaller and less of a big deal. Take, for example, the Halo 5 splitscreen debacle. I, like many others, are outraged that such a core feature has been removed (ostensibly its for graphics, which is an incredibly stupid reason, though I’m guessing it’s a play by Microsoft to push families to buy more than once console- but that’s a whole nother thread), and looked for a place to try and take action, to make my voice heard. For the first few days you couldn’t scroll through the waypoint forum without being confronted by countless splitscreen related posts. Then 343 slid them all in to one thread, pushing the issue out of the public eye. It turned a forum that was dominated by one conversation back to a hype forum, with all that frustration holed up in an echo chamber no-one else had to see.
Again, I totally understand the purpose behind having a dedicated thread- mods don’t want a forum dominated by just one topic. However, I would argue there is a good to letting the forums be inundated by one topic- it forces developers to confront an issue with their game and spurs them to take action, even if it’s only a little bit.

It’s not a conspiracy, it’s because a tidy forum makes it easier for the devs to find feedback in the first place, rather than it being lost in a million and two threads about the same thing.


You’ll see! They’re gonna close this one down too because I’m exposing the truth!
In all seriousness though, I think the argument can be made for a bit of inconvenience in the name of progress. This is kind of a crazy comparison to make, but look at the whole Black Lives Matter movement. They’re causing traffic jams, shutting down presidential candidate events, and sure, all that is annoying and inconvenient, but it’s in service to the promotion of an issue that needs to be addressed.

Untidy forums, with directionless repetitive negativity, actually just dissuade developers from even visiting in the first place. If they know all they’re going to witness if people giving them crap, however “justified” the players feel that may be to give, then they’ll choose to not bother. Then, instead, you get communication only with a specially positioned person who becomes the filter. People employed into that position I have every sympathy for since their task is to wade through the negativity, and feed it back in a constructive way so that morale and productivity isn’t affected.

To put it in simpler terms, people feeling that making a big (unconstructive and largely insulting) noise over something doesn’t increase the chances of problems being heard, it lessens it.

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Tell that to Martin Luther King (again, let me reiterate how silly I feel making the comparison. Obviously civil rights is many magnitudes more important then character balance in a video game. It’s just a similar way of advocating for change). White people in the 1950’s didn’t want to hear what they would have categorized as “directionless repetitive negativity”- why can’t the black people just have one spokesperson who politely lobbies politicians for change?
The simple answer is that the vast majority of devs will only respond to financial incentives. There is a calculus between the damage a vocal part of their fanbase is doing to sales and the amount of resources required to change a game. Once those damages become more expensive thanchanging the game, devs will change it.
(Please note most devs does not in any way include TRS. They have proven time and time again that they make videogames because they love doing it, not to maximize their profit margins- thus dedicated thread are much more understandable and tolerable here for the reasons you already stated).

I’ll just reiterate your reiteration.

You mean fighting stupidity with stupidity by rioting and causing even more damage than the original offenders did in the first place?

Which mean your solution to fix the in-game mess is messing up the forum too?

Let’s just avoid the political talk altogether…

I think it’s better to just have dedicated threads… I personally am sick of seeing many threads pop up to raise the same issue. WE KNOW! TRS KNOWS! After the first 10 topics it just gets tiring… Most of them have nothing worthwhile to contribute or just say things that have already been suggested. In a dedicated thread, you can read through it all, and see different ideas, notice your own ideas, and see any arguments that exist against those ideas. Maybe there was something that was said that shines a new light of things.

There are going to be some gems posted around. It’s easier for the Devs to have all the gems in one topic rather than spread throughout 100 topics. It makes it hard to keep track of ones that were read through, and some ideas/solutions can be overlooked. It’s also just generally nice to have a tidy forum. When I look down the “latest” page, I want to see lots of different topics from which I can choose something to look into. I don’t want most of them to be talking about the same thing with slightly different wording.

[The first paragraph may contain a few things that make little sense. Sorry. I’m a bit tired and really just want to go to sleep, but I saw this topic and wanted to post.]


I think this is the same picture you posted when I said tile update 4 was being held back for the release of t5. And then of course we found out it was.

What- n-no. Of course not…They’re onto us, FIRE THE MISSILE.

Jokes aside, I don’t know how other forums work. And while I do know more than a few shady business tricks, none apply here. We aren’t a bunch of evil tyrants censoring everything and trying to make your problems seem small- we play the game too. Those are our problems too. I share your tears and your rage. C’mere. (>._.)>

When we make threads dedicated to an issue, we don’t shove them into the dark.

We pin them.

Not only do we succeed in organising our forums and making a more pleasant experience for users, we also take your issue and put our support behind it. We make it official, give it attention. For example look at the “Concerns Dealing with Evolve’s player base” thread. Pinned for attention but we keep all the discussion there because it’s more organised and with topics like that, we like to keep an extra watchful eye and that’s easier with one thread.

So I don’t know about 343 or North Korea, but when we do this, it’s because it’s best for all of us.

Just my two cents. :slight_smile:


You freaked out because Macman didn’t respond to you and you thought that TRS held back the title update to spite consoles.
The picture was as well fitting for you as it is for this guy.

Not to spite consoles. It was about the fact that we were waiting all that time for a fix on consoles (roughly 3 months I think) so they could wait and bundle it with the new characters they were selling. It was also an issue with the fact that Devs were straight up dodging questions. I was right about both of those things. If you were gonna label me as a Conspiracy Theorist you probably should’ve picked an accurate one

Except I only called you out on you thinking Macman was deliberatily avoiding you.
And I explained to you that the idiotic system the consoles use to allow games to update was the cause, because else it woud be updates as often as PC.

The only thing that ended up being true was that TRS basically said “fuck it” when they had to choose between doing the paper work required to update twice, or just waiting a bit.

Also, don’t post sassy pictures on me, mate.

As @xTr1ckOrTr3atx highlights, centralized threads allows for more information to be… well, centralized. And I have to admit there are a lot of threads that are pretty close in what they tend to be saying right now. So there’s that. (after some self review, I’ve found this previous segment to be partially untrue, but am too tired to make the correction at this time.)

From what I can tell from looking at the few members of TRS that show up, they are very open. They have offered us a number of opportunities to ask them their opinions about their game, more-so than I’ve seen any other company. Of course they are limited by their DNAs, but they are completely willing to talk about current balance choices. That is, if they get the time to do it. And there’s no real guarantee to getting their time, but, they make an effort to have themselves open to the community.

I feel that people are really abusing this privilege, if I may call it that, to ask questions that might have already been asked, or outright asking the devs for wishes concerning characters they like. The important questions may not always get asked. And this can be partly attributed to the amount of threads that are created, that might play to the same tune. So a dev has to chose what question they can answer, they may want to answer x, y, and z, and then enter another thread and find questions x, y, and q. This should definitely get tiring on the people who are searching for questions. Which is where the need for organization comes in.

I attribute the need for organization to simple laziness, because the devs aren’t robots.

Now I feel like I rambled off topic.

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