Decreasement of player numbers?


Hello there,
i’ve played Evolve during the beta and really enjoyed it.
But i’m unsure about buying it, because of the fact that the amount of players dropped so fast and still seems to decrease according to ‘steam charts’.
What do you think about this, now that MK10 and GTA V were released, willthere be an increasement of players again?
I’m just afraid of buying a game that could be ‘dead’ in a few weeks, or months.
Thanks for your feedback!



If you enjoy the game, buy it. There will always be enough people to get matches.


It’s not a game for the masses, it’s like Metal Gear Online if you ever played that. It’s all about a small yet loyal fanbase that will stick around for years.


You said gta 5 just got released so i assume you are on pc and yes not much people left… but still enough to find games. If you have 3 friends who also have the game i would say buy it. If not… Idk.


Disagree. Atm is really annoying finding matches. Especially with friends. We are playing vs bots all the time. There is really small amount of people and it’s sad. Think this game is going down quickly :frowning:

Whatever: buy it.


yeah… its rly rly bad today when it was stable at 2k then it was ok but in the last days we only had arround 1.5k

ok this is awful we are down to 500



I have said it before and I say it again. This is such a niche game that it might will drop to 500 players with peaks of maybe 2000 on weekends and holidays. Take from that what you will.