Decoy target picking


People might of suggested this already. But with this new health bar coming out can’t the decoy be like slims bug. You select the target that it focus’s until death.


It was something that was talked about in the past but TRS never got around to doing it. :frowning:


It sounds good. I actually think it needs an AI QoL overhaul as well. For example, if you are at more than 30 meters from hunters, and you aren’t shooting the decoy towards wildlife it should try to just run in a straight line to try to lure hunters.

I also think it should only flicker if it gets certain damage dealt to it, because if you are not in a dome fight, you can be sure that the monster has at least some armor already, so just one shoot should be enough to tell the hunter it is a decoy by seeing the color of the numbers, flickering makes it unnecessarily obvious in such situations it renders worthless it’s usability as an actual decoy.

There is also the skin-less decoy issue, it already has a blinking effect to help players differentiate it from the actual Wraith, I don’t think they need any more hints.


I’m pretty sure they’re actually working on that right now.