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In my opinion it should be renamed doppelganger because that fits the ability’s description better.

Edit: BT-dubs first poll :slight_smile:

Honestly a good team reduces it into a Decoy instead of a Doppleganger because its AI is really bad…

A decoy lures things into a trap. It’s not the trap itself. By definition its not a decoy if it has the capability of doing more damage then the monster hit for hit.

Kage Bushin No-Jutsu!

(but just one >.<)


I like it. For those that don’t know Japanese its shadow clones.

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“Doppleganger” is far too long and clunky, IMO. :stuck_out_tongue: Something short, sweet and to the point would do. Like “clone.”

I disagree with the renaming of this though. It’s unnecessary. While we’re at it let’s call mortar cannons balloon launchers. In fact just call the Wraith a Pit-Fighter, call Goliath an easily abused puppy dog and call Behemoth a glorified punching bag. That’s all they are.


Since the decoy acts more agressively than a simple decoy, normally (in my expierience) being used to deal damage and draw attention from Wraith, I’d say we could do away with Decoy. But it’s still not really advanced enough to pass for a perfect doppelganger, plus, “Doppelganger” might be a bit of a mouthful mid match.

I would go for something like Specter, a common definition being “a ghost.” and the word being synonymous with menace, shadow, and wraith. Pretty similar, but still discernibly different. Plus, it sounds pretty cool.

An-annoying-and-boring-ability-that-most-wraith-players-use-to-drag-games-out-for-20-minutes is what I’d call the ability.


I think that went a bit too long >.<

You can also just call it “Suicide” considering 99% of Wraith players are just bad pubstompers who will attempt to Decoy in plain sight resulting in my gun just casually following the actual Wraith as if she were never cloaked.

Then they bitch about how I knew where they were despite being “cloaked”.
Even when they Decoy right next to a corpse they act surprised when I start shooting the corpse and what do you know? - a cloaked Wraith was trying to eat it.

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Trashiest ability in existence that I wish was removed from the game

I think “Illusion” would fit the name

Warp Blast - Meteor Strike
Supernova - eh Supernova
Decoy - (In my words) Illusion
Abduction - Black Hole

Since she is revolved around the void why not use names as the void

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Yes. This.
And while we are at it change daisy to fat.

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Its a decoy
leave TRS alone with names

By definition it is not a decoy.

lure or entice (a person or animal) away from an intended course, typically into a trap.
“they would try to decoy the enemy toward the hidden group”
synonyms: lure, entice, allure, tempt;

If anything, the real wraith is the decoy to get hunters to fall into the trap, of the op damage the clone puts out.
Also, just another example is duck decoys. They don’t fly and poke your eye out with more vigor then a real duck do they?

Name it “Did you hear something?”

that’s a long name lol

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Haha yeah but I managed to resist “Angry OP Doppelganger”

HAHA no one would of probably chose that one lol

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