Decoy on a leash


As most of you will know, Decoy will have new mechanics soon. From what it looks like on a dev’s post, the real one will stay visible. If so, I have to say, I dislike the idea. But it could be wrong, in which case, the following is to be seen as a suggestion for Wraith’s adaptation Decoy. But nonetheless if Decoy has no invisiblity anymore and the adaptation would, I am also suggesting to switch these abilities once the adaptation is ready.

But let’s get to the real suggestion here: Decoy on a Leash.

The basic idea behind this is, that the decoy and the real Wraith can’t be further apart than a certain distance before the Decoy breaks and Wraith becomes visible again. This is to prevent Flee till 3 strategies and enforce the use of Decoy in combat.

To further disable hiding in bushes while invisble, the Leash that connects Wraith and Decoy, which should be invisble during the Decoy, becomes visible for a short time, once the Decoy ended. (0.5 - 1.5 seconds). This would point towards the real ones location, thus give the hunters a clue where it is hiding/ from where it will start an ambush attack.

Speaking of the ambush attack, I imagine the damage of Decoy to be as follows: The Decoy itself has no hitboxes, can not do any damage or knockback. Instead the real one has the chance to use a stronger melee attack once. This would of course uncloak Wraith.

About the cloaking: Shooting Wraith does not reveal her, but recieving a certain amount of damage while cloaked breaks it (similar to Mimic and the real Gorgon). Distancing too far from the Decoy breaks it. Performing a melee attack or ability breaks it. Using a traversal does not break it but leaves a trail. Feeding does not break it.

In addition to this, I have in mind to make it a high risk, high reward ability: The damage that the first melee attack deals, builds up over time, making it strongest shortly before the time runs out. But also the amount of damage the real one can take before uncloaking decreases over time. Like that a late attack does heavy damage, but even a Napalm grenade could end the decoy immediatly, resulting in no extra damage.

Now lets get to the Stats, that I think of:
##Leashed Decoy
Duration: 6 seconds
This is about what a 2 Point Decoy lasts right now and a 10th of a dome. This increases with Mastery.

Coolown: 20 seconds
Slightly less than right now, provides 3 Decoys in a dome

Bonus Damage per Duration/ Ability Points

0.0 sec - 1.5 sec: 60 /  62 /  66
> 1.5 sec:        120 / ...
> 2.0 sec :       180 / ...
> 2.5 sec:        240 / ...
> 3.0 sec:        300 / ...
> 3.5 sec:        360 / ...
> 4.0 sec:        420 / ...
> 4.5 sec:        480 / 496 / 528

This stacks with Melee damage and the initial pounce damage. The maximum with a heavy melee (248) is 776. Provided that Stage 3 melees get about 10 to 11% stronger in the future, this results in 800 to 803 (Rock Throw/ Shield).

Leash Range per Ability Points: 30/ 37.5/ 49.5
With this range, the maximum distance that you can get away from your Decoy would be about half the diameter of a dome.

Sufferable Health before Cloak breaks per Ability Points: 320/ 400/ 528
This health starts to decrease after 1.5 seconds with 12.5% per 0.5 seconds. It stops decreasing once only 12.5% are left. Then even Caira and Lazarus can break the cloak in very short time (66 health).

Duration on which the Decoy dissolves and the Leash becomes visible: 1.5 seconds
This gives the hunters an idea where the real Wraith went


That, combined with everything else, might make it a bad ability. Of course, no way to tell now though


talk about a nerf…


I cant really follow what you are saying. The damage would be reliant on the player, rather than an AI which fails a lot. Decoy right now is a bad ability.

So what exactly do you think is too weak? The damage? The duration? The cooldown? The Leash Range? The Health values? All of that can be increased if nessessary, these values are just examples.
What you get in return is an ability to reposition and strike an offguard hunter with a high burst damage. An ability that can not be used to hide and run all game long. The cloak does not break immediatly under fire and trversing while cloaked is also possible again, with out overly supporting flee till 3. Furthermore the damage output of 1/4 of your abilities is no longer reliant on an AI.


What if we just made the Decoy pounce the hunters? It’ll be easier for the hunters to deal with a more stationary decoy.


technically the damage output would be too low. especially since supernova + decoy could create immense burst damage. (+59 base damage to melees, +50% decoy bonus)

even so, there’s no point in the leash because a wraith can only walk/crawl X meters before decoy goes away anyway. and you still cant traverse or use abilities. then there’s the fact the decoy is still used for juking around corners in order to do Ft3, which means wraith is still nearby, but rather went behind you. in this case the leash is pointless anyway because the wraith STILL has Ft3 abilities.


A well charged ambush melee does close to the same amount as Rock Throw in the example above. You call 50% health gone in one swipe too low? I have to disagree. It would fit the assasin type much more: Strike with a hard hit out of nowhere and go from there. If the melee attack is successful, Wraith is very close to her target, a target that just lost 800 health. Now of course, during the decoy the hunters have chance to heal up, but an assassin is not someone who stays in all the time and keeps up the pressure. Thats Goliath’s niche and I despise the idea of Wraith becoming Goliath 2.0.

Besides, as far as I am aware of, skilled Wraiths do not rely on the damage output of Decoy and the underpowered cries are not as out of proportion as with Behemoth or Gorgon.

It is not +59 damage but just 59 damage. The high burst comes from the frequency of the hits.
Also Decoy + Supernova was always one of the most cheesy tools that Wraith has. Immense damage for pressing one button than the other and doing nothing else. Most of the time this burst damage is only viable against unexperienced players.

You mean the amount of meters Wraith can walk in the duration of the decoy, or something else that I dont know of?

[quote=“The_Mastermind, post:6, topic:81007”]
and you still cant traverse or use abilities
[/quote]If you read closely, I am in favor of using traversals while cloaked in this suggestion. I would be in general if it would not allow Wraith to gain so much distance while cloaked. Which is why it needs a leash.

Exaclty. A maximum of 50 meters away from the decoy which is less than how far you can throw a dome. And a 1.5s duration of the leash being clearly visible points directly into the direction of Wraith. The effectiveness of juking behind corners comes from the hunters not knowing where Wraith went. When the leash shows the direction, the Hunters will know where she is and get back on her trail.

Wraith is also not the only Monster who can Ft3, so there is a fundamental game mechanic change nessessary to get rid of it entirely, not just to Decoy. The problem with Decoy are based on the big difference in how skilled and unskilled players reveal her position through shooting and on the AI of the damaging Decoy - sometimes useless, sometimes godlike. Both the cloaking and the damage need to be dependent on the player, not on hugely varying factors like enemy’s experience and AI working or not.


So it looks like they were testing out a Decoy that loses the Stealth aspect and seems like another Wraith to help with DPS. I assume that was tethered and it looked cool.


To be perfectly clear here: I have absolutly no problem with the Decoy ability not providing stealth. As long as it is the Decoy of the Wraith adaptation. The adaptation can be as much of a brawler as possible for what I care, but the real Wraith shoud be an assassine type monester.


Don’t know, looked like regular Wraith to me!


i’ve been looking for that image. i knew about it but couldn’t find it

decoy + nova gonna be more fun now :3


Yeah I have seen this GIF, but I honestly dont get what you are trying to say.


He’s saying that Regular Stealth Wraith is taking an extended vacation.


That is what I understood, but it makes no sense to tell me what I already knew.[quote=“Sepiablitz, post:1, topic:81007”]
From what it looks like on a dev’s post, the real one will stay visible. If so, I have to say, I dislike the idea.
The GIF is exactly what I was refering too. I dislike the idea that the “regular” Wraith gets her invisiblity removed and I would much rather like to see the invisbility stay with the regular one and have only the adaptation a Decoy that does not make invisible.


Please provide link for the post


There you go:
Continuing the discussion from So you guys have been talking Goliath lately:


Agreed with absolutely.

But alas all us Stealth and Tricky Wraith Players must wait and hope the Adaptation provides us with a Stealth varient.

Until then I will be salty as hell in terms of Wraith and how she is now.


Woa woa woa hold on. They’re reworking Wraith? Interest has been piqued. What’s this “Adaptation” I keep hearing? I’m so confused.

I’m on the same boat as you Major. Stealth and Trickery were my favorite things about Wraith, and I pretty much stopped playing it because of the removal. Salty to the max.


Well yeah TRS is garuanteed to make Adaptations for the first three Tiers of Characters.

They are at the start (more or less) of Tier 2. We will wait and see what they bring us and then we can riot when Alt Wraith isn’t Stealth.

Just get the Nukes ready.


Honestly, flee till 3 is much less viable with wraith. Facing a sunny or Hank wraith struggles to get downs. Relay fights are less effective because being a good wraith is largely about choosing your environment. What about flames do flames reveal the leash wraith. That would make this way less useful. Every monster runs at stage one, bad monsters run at stage two. Wraith doesn’t need a rework to make it easier. Organized teams already win against wraith.