Decoy "Fix" #7358

Why not just get rid of the decoy’s AI entirely?

-If you aim at nothing, the decoy warps 3 times forwards in a straight line and continues moving towards the crosshair until the duration for the clone is over. To avoid overcomplicated AI and encourage aiming, have the clone stop/disappear/explode* when it hits a wall. And make the collision a loud sound to prevent a wraith from just spamming this into a wall and going invisible wihout the hunters knowledge. Oh, and for clarity, it would be fire and forget, not guided.

-If you aim at something, the decoy locks on, warps 3 times towards the target, disregarding obstacles and terrain, and then executes a single heavy attack* before disappearing, regardless of whether the hunter/wildlife is in range. This ability should be aimable at deployables somehow as well and give that clone’s heavy melee a big old cone of fire.

This is just a rough draft of the idea, feel free to post your own.

*Since the idea is to limit/remove the AI control, perhaps the decoy should simply explode/melee at the end of its time, traversals, or in proximity to hunters/traps to prevent complication.

Or it could be a guided ability instead of a fire and forget weapon, similar to Bucket’s GML. But the usefulness of the invisibility would be dimished greatly if you had to control the clone for more than 1or 2 seconds.


I just want it to work like in the trailer ;-;


Check it…

Ive seen that. Have they put out any specific changes or are they still just looking at the ability?

Nothing Concrete yet. But something involving more then just number tweaking.

Basically, they need more data to pin point what change(s) to make to the ability.
And the change would be more complex than number tweaking like @TomsMeatPlatter said, so whatever they do would have to wait until the next title update instead of a patch.

three decoy concepts, here they go

#A . Player Controlled
-Follows crosshairs
-On deployment while aiming at hunter = hard targets aimed hunter
-Similar to Slim’s bug mechanics

#B . Trickery

  • Remove…Decoy damage flicker
    -Simulate damage when shot(health bar pops up on top when firing at decoy)
    -Decoy damage reduced by half.

#C . Dual Wield
-On deployment, cloak activates then (optional) decoy is released on deployment while cloaked(User is uncloaked then decoy splits off).
ex. cloak on (Skill button pressed)-> cloak off (timer expire) -> no decoy…or…cloak on(Skill button pressed) -> cloak off (Skill button pressed while cloaked) -> decoy splits reveling the wraith.
-Decoy stays active until skill lifetime expires
-Decoy stays active regardless of the actions of the original wraith.
-decoy damage reduced by 80%

  • A. Player Controlled
  • B. Trickery
  • C. Duel wield
  • I’m not sure about any of these suggestions

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Option A is already how it is supposed to be now.

Option B. What happens when the Decoy and the real Wraith take damage? Who’s Healthbar pops up?

Option C. I’m not sure how that would work in practice. The skill’s duration and CD would have to be longer then anything else so far to make it practical.

yo make it to where when she uses her decoy she can bolt out of there why if she decides to bolt the decoy disappears and your not invisible anymore like pls fix that make it when she sends out a decoy she can book it or run out of there and still be invise and her decoys still up

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Is was like that before and it all it was used for was flee 'til.

guy you remember when wraith the best monster til they nerfed her god why


Wraith the best monster as in “op as shit and made half the initial community leave out of frustration” wraith? Oh yes i remember

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I…I think that’s why (._.)

The only problem with Wraith at the time was the frequency of her Supernova because the moment it was done being used it was back up again on top of the Damage it provided and the slightly absurd damage that Decoy popped out.

Damaged on Decoy needed to be 200% and NOT 250% (Dear lord) and Supernova needed a Cooldown time increase to reduce the constant Supernovas but the damage was fine unless you were an idiot Assault who thought they were invincible and gave Supernova 100% accuracy. cringes

That was all she needed. Her speed was fine but they crippled that for the casuals and whiners but she got an awesome Warpblast ability but then that got toned down and she was given more Armor… yay… cuz we want another brawler.


I’m sorry but as I also recall, you could throw a dome in a wraiths face and she could warp-warp-warp-warp blast out of there before the dome even opened. Now they’ve changed the dome it’s different but back then was a different time

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I never had issues with trapping a Wraith though…

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seriously with speed of warp blast and the speed of warp can be and should be brought back to the wraith with the 1sec domes patch being in the current meta. And please ton down the armor and trade it for speed. the wraith feels way way way to slow.

With the old dome time and wraith traversals she could literally warp towards the trapper, across the entire dome and still escape.

Only if you were a dumb Trapper and dropped a Dome when she had the energy to dodge it.

It wasn’t hard to counter. Stay on her and force her to burn her energy while staying in close proximity to her. If she has a ton of energy it’s because you have a dummy shooting her with something that isn’t a tranquilizer.

She wasn’t hard to read or counter. Problem was the Hunters treating her like the other Monsters.

Only if you were playing with a dumb Monster.

Back then every good monster saved their traversals for baiting a dome and there was no such thing as an evolve dome thanks to old jetpacks. Any monster (even Kraken) could literally feed, find a good spot to dodge the dome or fight, then dance outside of the range and wait for it. That’s why Griffin used to be the go to trapper for domes; he could prevent a dodge with his harpoon. If the trapper didnt fall for the bait, the monster would just feed and/or conserve traversals depending on how much the team was shooting at it, then skirt the trapper and break away.

If you were playing people that burned all of their traversals within 60m of the trapper then you werent playing thw right monsters. If you were playing wraith players that werent covering 100m in less than 5 seconds and didnt use this to their advantage, you werent playing the right monsters.