Decoy feels more like a clone than a decoy


And thats why i will always hate wraith
No matter how bad she is currently
its practically 4v2 because of the hitstun ALONE
Getting killed in 3 hits while on 2 strikes doesn’t help either


Oh noes, its starting again ;-;


Everything about wraith is fine
decoy has always been the problem with wraith
ANd its not the invisiblity
its that it creates a second monster that is as much of a threat than the real one


Decoy is so garbage tho, its super stupid, leaves Wraith a wide open target, and is mad noticeable. The damage is a bit stronk i suppose, but its not super bad if you have a competent medic


Stop complaining about the Wraith… Decoy is almost worthless now…
If we go back to the 500 Wraith OP threads… ~sigh~


In it’s current form, Wraith is lucky if Decoy manages to land a couple solid hits. Unless you take 3 points in the ability, the lifespan is stupidly low. As it stands, Decoy is marginally useful for a small bit of burst damage, and that’s only with Supernova.


wraith is fine as she is right now.

only problem is that the warp blast radius is a little bit to high (u need 2 dash’es ) and a good wraith is way more dangerous then prepatch


Can wraith just catch a break please! Poor woman she’s just trying to live her life.


Im a strong, independent monster who don’t need no Spam.
(Get it. Decoy spam. Hue.)


Mate, in which universe is Decoy even comparable to the real Wraith? You can DANCE around that thing. The amount of times I’ve just happily dodged past it to kill the real Wraith which has pretty much no cloak any more is just…


This. Decoy damage is decent, if you let it hit you. Sure at three points it’s got a decent life span and will home in on you, just boost past it. And with the cloak nerf you can basically keep firing on the wraith the whole time, which will be moving at a slow and predictable pace to try not to break decoy. It really is just a diversion tactic for when the hunters lose LOS in a chase now, further encouraging wraiths intended hit-and-run style of play


Decoy shouldnt even do damage tho, its an escapist tool, not something to fight with, theres too many wraiths who just sit outside of fights and send decoys in, decoy should just be a really convincing copy that startles you and draws your attention, but not slaughter you because you cannot deter it or threaten it in any way


I think the cloak should be buffed and damage removed, it should be a stealth and running tool, not a fighting one


Since the patch I don’t think I’ve been outplayed by a single Wraith. I’ve lost some matches to her, but that’s because 80% of the time I play with randoms that don’t use mics… there’s just no winning with those people sometimes lol


What hitstun?


I think its kinda similar to h4 hologram ability


Yeah, never heard that one before…


decoy is kinda obvious too… no wraith player comes straight at you


Yeah but what is hitstun


Getting knocked into terrain or a wall and having to recover
or being hit by a heavy hit and roll across the ground
Just general damage that prevents you from taking action