Decoy Change Idea

I’m okay with damage but if you could actually destroy it that would be nice. and instead of increasing the damage each level, increase the damage it can take before being destroyed so that way it can be more of a distraction instead of an attack. It would still have the same duration if you don’t destroy it.

Then you would have to decide whether you want to dodge, follow the invisible wraith and potentially get juked, or destroy the decoy and reveal the wraith.

I’d be okay with being able to kill it if the hunters like Parnell couldn’t take out an entire Goliath armor* bar with one burst of shotgun ammo + super soldier.

Leave it useless in competition while beeing a total pubstomp? thats your solution. Glad you dont work on any balance team.

They aren’t going to leave it as it is.

Warp Traversal
Speed reduced 25%

Duration decreased by 50%

Wraith becomes visible for half a second when shot while cloaked.
Cooldown increased by 2 seconds.

Warp Blast
Speed reduced by 40%.
Radius levels up now instead of range.
Max travel distance set to 30 meters for all levels.
Damage increased by 10%.

yes, that is the most agreeable thing to do. I’ve seen where devs said they won’t be touching it’s damage because it’s “Not the problem”.
…^Not my words.

I don’t think damage is its problem, this is me trying to balance it out, while stopping people from complaining about it 24/7. As I stated in the OP, this isn’t a Wraith op thread.

No. It’s not a pubstomp, people just while because they’re bad. And in competition, it allows 2-3 seconds of delay to get your CDs back closer.

TBH the warp and warp blast changes are the only ones I think are warranted. I would leave everything else as is.

But TRS will continue to hear complaints about it.

Thats why the health would increase and it would have a reasonable amount of health to begin with. Like the equivalent of 2 and a half bars and it goes up to like 4 at level 3 going up by half a bar each level.

There will always be complaints. But did you notice how complaints about wraith have gone down over time? It’s because people have gotten better and realized it’s not broken.

these threads get countered by telling people to press spacebar/jump twice and watch the decoy unable to do anything to you.

Ya supernova was fine the way it was cause all you need to do is get out of the small arena or activate your shield and it would be wasted.

I’ve said the same.

At first glance I liked it because decoy should be just that…a decoy. But then, thinking on it more…the decoy MUST do some damage because every monster ability does damage and that’s the overall pattern of all abilities being able to dish it out. I wouldn’t mind the decoy attacking the hunters as it does now but I’d like to see a nerf to the damage output…and I’m never one to use the word nerf! Right now players are spamming decoy so much that the decoy usually ends up doing just as much damage, if not more, than the monster itself. I even had one match where I am almost certain everyone on the team died due to decoy + wildlife. However, I have another suggestion to run kinda off yours while not changing the damage output.

What I would like to see is a decoy that acts more like a decoy like you mention…running away from the hunters (not directly towards them) and not engaging the hunters unless they engage first. The decoy could remain visible for quite a long while until it takes damage…then the decoy timer should start, THEN, it can deal damage and fight the hunters as it does now. That would be pretty awesome, because the hunters could see the decoy at a distance and run quite a long ways out in the wrong direction. If they realize what it is before attacking…then they can change their plans…but if they strike and it’s the decoy, then they take the hurt!

Imagine the awesome jukes of a monster gliding by the hunters (deciding not to attack) and the hunters thinking it’s just the decoy!

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On a side note.

You will NEVER stop people from complaining.
You can balance the wraith, but people combating the complaining is a losing battle. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yup. Nothing to do about the people, all you can do is change the game.