Decoy Change Idea

I personally want the Decoy changed, to not do any damage, 0%, not attack.

I want the decoy to get a fake health-bar, don’t blink, and run off in the opposite direction, and leave footprints. This would make more sense, for a stealth monster. If you (the Wraith) go forward, the Wraith will go left, right, or backwards, depending on where the other hunters are. Think about it, as if the Decoy wants to avoid the hunters, and the Wraith, so the Decoy will go in a line shortest away. This would cause no one to believe it’s op.

You would counter this Wraith tactic, by looking at the Wraith, and seeing them split apart. Then you would follow the new set of Wraith prints, that you see moving away from where the Wraith was, instead of following the Decoys tracks.

Smart players could counter it, but bad players can’t call it overpowered.

Another idea, would be to not allow stealth when you’re invisible, that way you will always have footprints leading in the direction you went. This would allow players to follow the real tracks.

I might edit the post later, if I come up with newer ideas. I’m just honestly tired of the Wraith OP threads. I personally find her pretty balanced, but I want a way to make her stay balanced, that wont piss people off.


I like this proposal.

It might be hard to pull off, as they would have to change the Wraiths A.I. since the Decoy runs off the base A.I. for the Wraith. But in the end, it might fix the complaints.

still the real wraith should be revealed by shooting it

Like it is now, I don’t like the idea of 0.5 seconds, you can already see her very easily if you shoot her, and flames just make it that much easier.

I have seen this thread many times before and every time I will argue that it makes this ability useless.

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I don’t think so, if you follow this with an ambush point, you could Abduct someone away, and Supernova the target. It would make the Wraith more of a stealth monster, instead of a low health, high damage, glass cannon, brawler.

(Posted the same here, so we can continue where we left off.)

Abduct, Warp Blast, and Supernova make soloing a hunter pretty easy.

But then again, Abduct is messed up for me. Even when I hit right on them, it doesn’t grab the hunter most of the time. It takes away some of their health, but I come back empty on the skill.

the ability is useless right now. except against bad players. whats there to be lost?

@SledgePainter I want your opinion on this skill, not your opinion as a mod though. ^.^

What do you think about it personally?

But you can do that exact same thing with current decoy, and current decoy is at least useful once you’re domed.

  1. Decoy is basically a second wraith that runs and has a duration. You are invisible like wraith was in the beta (can warp).
    This makes it impossible to catch a wraith.

  2. Cannot be revealed while decoyed, but cannot warp. Decoy runs again but flickers now.
    This means finding the real wraith is impossible until duration ends.

  3. Both decoy and wraith can be outed. Only change from current game is that decoy runs instead of fighting.
    Decoy is trash and is never picked up.


okay buddy. You say Decoy is trash yourself but refuse any change to it. On a scale of 1 to North Korea, how conservative are you exactly?

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Yes, Decoy is pretty useless at the moment in my opinion. It’s too, how should I put this, situational? It’s not consistent enough to be used constantly.

People can dodge it easily, and you can see the Wraith easily already in a fight (soon to be even easier, so that’s going to make the skill worse than useless as a defensive tool).

I want the Decoy to run, to actually act like a decoy.

They’re trying to make it so you can see the Wraith while the Decoy is up, make you be unable to decoy nearly as often, and decrease all of her mobility. She’s not going to be used in any high tier play.

Decoy already isn’t used in high level play. Skywraith is because you can juggle hunters in the air and deny Caira heals if you land the combo right.

This decoy change would make it useful, would it not?

It’d either make wraith uncatchable or it’d make it useless. Currently decoy is used in higher play to give a quick break (because people have to actually locate it) and get CDs back up to resume the combo.

You can counter the Wraith, by following the other set of footprints… Also, if you see her activate the Decoy, it’s easy to catch up to her. Especially with these speed nerfs.

Make it happen, now!




so you are basically against everything but fail to come up with a solution by yourself. way to have a discussian, mate.

I respectfully disagree as this would make the wraith with the upcoming nerfs a useless little bug.

down with pugs. Trying to ruin our good game.

Leave it as is. That’s my solution.

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