Decoy And Supernova Cooldown

These need to be altered so that they begin AFTER the previous use of each ability has expired and NOT after the button has been pressed. Seriously, what was the thought process behind this? You got the cooldown on Rock Wall correct. With Decoy and Supernova Wraith players aren’t actually waiting a full cooldown before being able to use them again.

Well, SN doesn’t really need ANOTHER nerf but yea, decoy is annoying enough to make me agree with you on that one.

Well, it’s not really a nerf when it’s moving the cooldown to begin at the correct time.

Like I said, they got the cooldown timing on Rock Wall correct so I’m kind of baffled as to why they still haven’t corrected the cooldowns for Decoy and Supernova.

I disagree. Decoy is worthless, it only extends the match. It’s not a good ability already.

If you’re going to nerf its cooldown, you’d have to make it a better ability overall.

SN is fine as is, don’t see what you have a problem with that for.


I don’t think you guys understand, it’s not a nerf.

I believe the OP suggests freezing the cooldown so that it only starts after the Decoy is gone, but it would probably recharge faster to match the current cooldown timer.

Personally I don’t think this is a good idea because Rock Wall can’t be cancelled / interrupted, where as the Decoy instantly vanishes if the Wraith uses another ability or traversal.
This means that an experienced Wraith player could count the duration of Decoy and make sure to start attacking / warping right before it would naturally disappear, resulting in a slightly faster/earlier cooldown.
It’d be confusing from the Hunters’ point of view, seemingly causing inconsistencies.

I prefer the current way where if the Wraith is stupid enough to use Decoy in plain sight, she’ll just keep receiving damage when “cloaked” and is forced to warp away. Which means she’ll have wasted the Decoy and the cooldown remains the same.

Oops, I accidentally read this topic’s title as “Decoy and Supernova Clown”, thinking that it’s a topic to make fun of Wraith players who choose this build (cause it’s lame).

Can’t really see why do these skills even bother someone, cause both are so easy to dodge. And decoy is often just working against monster in the dome, because it’s not like we don’t know where original is… yay free damage.

You know, I completely forgot that Decoy could be cancelled. Yeah, that would make things a little bit inconsistent, wouldn’t it? I maintain that something needs to be done, however, as it stands the cooldown for Decoy is the duration short of what it should be. Sure, it’s very easy to punish, but there is a fair bit more wrong with the ability than just its cooldown.

Supernova, however, has no such excuse. Hell, I’d wager that shifting the cooldown to begin at the correct moment would actually warrant a small buff for the ability in some capacity.

Wraith is pretty much garbage now anyways. So hush…

I feel so bad for wraith. …but not as bad as Bob though…

No, she’s not.

Yeah, she’s barely even a monster now. She can shred up randoms, but any decent team will shut her down quick.

Yes, she is. Lol

The same can be said of the entire monster cast. A decent enough team will shut down any monster, not just the Wraith. And a monster doesn’t need to be particularly good to take down most teams of randoms. So you’re not really making much of an argument on that front.

It’s less that the Wraith is terrible and more that she’s no longer the braindead easy mode that required a special kind of suck to play poorly that she used to be. The great majority of pre-patch Wraith players had trouble wrapping their head around not being able to play the Wraith the way they used to be able to and just gave up.

Exactly. Hunters have been given an edge over monsters. I’m just saying she’s more garbage than others. I mean Behemoth is pretty much just as bad, but he can move faster than her and that’s just sad.

That’s so true, bob has a better time getting breathing room when against any descent team. That’s so weird considering how annoyingly hard it was to capture her in her prenerf days.

Wraith isn’t so bad. Goliath is a better monster to pick of course, but she still is good. Decoy Wraiths just depend on Decoy is bad. I go with Supernova for dealing heavy damage.

3 WB, move speed perk. 2 abduct, 1 SN. SN’s damage doesn’t increase with each point, simply radius, and duration. 1 point makes it more than enough to get the extra damage against someone in a corner. Pretty easy to win S2 with that build.
Decoy is a wasted point though, no one should bother; it’s been weak for quite some time.

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I made the mistake of being all cocky and going Decoy 3/SN 3 by S2.

Boy was that dumb!

WB is pretty much a must have skill for Wraith atm.

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WB is her only real viable skill. Her other two are simply utility to it, and help to work with it.

It’s not that Decoy is weak (that insane 250% damage modifier and its iffy hitbox see to that) it’s just that most people use it incorrectly and lean upon it too heavily. You’d be amazed at the number of Wraiths I see just throw that out when the entire team is unloading upon them. Not that I complain, especially if there’s a Hyde on the team.

I have atleast 1 point in Decoy JUST to have a very short break for my other abilities to get some recharge time. By Stage 3 I’d have WB and SN maxed, because SN increases the radius and melee damage. I find the way I use Wraith good. I’ll just wait until I come across a team and see how effective it actually is! :smiling_imp: