Decoy ability rework/replacement

Well, I was thinking about wraith’s decoy ability as many good wraith players find this a useless ability, not even using it anymore. I really think it should be reworked to a more viable ability.
I find myself using the Decoy in two main situations:
1- When starting a fight so the hunters don’t know where I am and I can position myself for Abduction.
2- When the assault is the last hunter alive and he pops his shield up.

So guys, after a lot of thinking, this is what I ended up with:
Shadow Walk- Wraith cloacks up for a short period of time.
While Shadow Walk is active, Wraith moves faster.
If the invisibilty is broken by a melee attack then Wraith gains bonus damage on that strike (similar to heavy attack)
Attacking, using abilities or warping ends the effect - getting shot temporarily reveals the Wraith.

1 point - lasts 5 seconds, increased movement speed by 15%
2 points - lasts 6 seconds, increased movement speed by 25%
3 points - lasts 7 seconds, increased movement speed by 35%

That’s it guys, thanks for reading and please drop a comment! :grinning:
:wraith: :heart:

This sounds a lot like a mix between what I already suggested and something I heard @MaddCow mention on his streams. While I dont think there should be no visible Wraith at all (not even a Decoy) I am in favor of the damage bonus on the first strike (which is what I suggested a while ago actually) which would replace the AI being responsible for the damage of the ability.
But since it was already mentioned that the will do something about the Decoy when they get nessessary coding help, I am confindent that the devs already have some good ideas in mind. :smile:

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We have threads on decoy reworks and adjustments, post there next time. Welcome to the forum by the way :wink: . If you have any questions just ask :slight_smile:

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I actually still use decoy.

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I do think the AI aspect of the Wraith’s decoy could use a little reworking, like maybe give the player a little more control over it so it actually does what we want it to. But I don’t think replacing the ability is a good idea nor do I think TRS would ever do it.

me too. it’s my favorite wraith ability.

I use it as well

Firstly, welcome to the forums. :smiley:
Give this thread a read to help understand what’s what in the forum.

Secondly and to get back on topic, I like your idea but I cant see trs changing an ability to such an extent. I think the decoy is fine, it is just the damage it deals. I think lowering the damage slightly and maybe slightly increasing the duration would be a good change. It would make the ability used more for relocating and generally sneaking around, rather than it being used primarily for damage.

I don’t expect any drastic changes to be done but those are just my thoughts on the matter. :smile:

I like decoy a lot. It helps bring out the sneaky aspect of her. On the other side of the spectrum, it’s fun fighting two wraiths at one time for a short period of time. Also, Your “Shadow Walk” seems like a perk, not buff or ability

Decoy, if you ask me, is horrible. You have to surrender points from other abilities to use on it, and to me it’s just not worth it.

Wraiths decoy is getting an upgrade this next patch I believe.

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You can’t just say that and walk away :smile: what you think the buff is

Thought I could? Lol.

You just like hearing my opinion. :wink:

Anyway. The mist likely and significant change they could do to decoy would be to upgrade the AI. Reworking it to do “multiple decoys” would be ridiculous, changing decoy into an entirely new ability is also pointless as that ability could simply be on a future monster.

Basically, you can only go so far by changing numbers.


Take it with a grain of salt, but competitive wraiths use decoy. And NOT just to cheese it from afar. I mean ya, they totally do that too (yawn), but quite a few players have found ways to use decoy effectively for combat. More so with the recent balance changes of the game. Now really my only complaint about decoy is the cheesability of it.

I would love to see this In the game. Just one question though, how much bonus damage would it be?