Decide the Winner of the Sweet Little Granny Giveaway! (Poll)


@Plaff and @BearStream are our contenders, here are their videos.
Plaff’s video-

Bearstream’s video-

  • Plaff is victorious
  • BearStream is victorious

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This is consistently staying even.


Holy shit! Dead even 5 votes each.


4 votes later still even.


It’s intense!




When is the competition ending?


I think bear did an amazing job! he made a few mistakes here and there but did an amazing job of keeping up the pressure.




I found @Plaff’s Orbital Lennox amazing! The only thing that would’ve made it better was if he timed it to hit as the finishing blow.


Yeah, but his team was almost dead.


Does that matter though? This contest is judging his Lennox game, not his teammates.


my god this has been so close.


You realize it’s going to stay even now forever because you had to point it out and made it a joke right? :stuck_out_tongue:


It was in my favor for 10 hours until you said that. :frowning:




When will the poll end?


I’m giving it an hour or so. But it looks like you’re winning.


Last chance to vote! Poll closes in 5mins.