December 2015 Skin Discounts [PC]?


Just checked the store on PC, Monster skins are £1 and hunter skins 80p. Is this a discount period or have the prices just dropped? Cheaper to get all individual skins than the skin packs right now so I’m presuming it’s a deal?!


Skins! Get your half-price skins, here! Cheap Characters, too!

Time to buy the Scarlet skin!


Just picked up an extra Behemoth skin and some hunter skins, why not


funding for that T6 huh @niaccurshi? lol.


No discounts for X1 via the Xbox Web Store.



<whyyyyy not


Cheers, updated the OP


Damn it. I was gonna ask. There aren’t any I want necessarily, but I’d like to have more of course :grin:


I just got some Steam Wallet cards for Christmas. I think I’ll actually be able to purchase some skins from Evolve. The only skins I have are the free ones from apps/weekend etc… as well as Bog and Clowfish because my brother donated them to me.


Which ones have you got your eye on in particular?


I dunno, I might have to have my son choose for me. I know he likes most of Behemoth’s and Scarlet Gorgon. He has an affinity for blue and purple atm so maybe some nice Kraken or Goliath skins.


Goliath Tiger, Behemoth amethyst and Wraith Hornet are definitely worth it. Also check out the Night Hunter skin (especially Maggie’s is amazing with Daisy)


Oh, of course I’m broke right now. makes sense. My luck is just that bad.


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