(Debate Thread) Does Water taste different than Ice?


'Bout all the difference is is texture, frozen vs liquid.


So. You’re saying the taste the same. But they FEEL different.


Honestly I can’t feel the difference between water and ice…


Did someone say…


Yes. /10chars


Yes. Very different.


When you freeze water, it drops everything that has been dissolved into it, thereby changing how it tastes.


So, you’re saying that pure pure water and pure ice, would infact taste the same since there is nothing else in the solution to “drop”.


It technically would. In fact, truly pure water and ice, however difficult it would actually be to get into your mouth, would have no taste whatsoever.

The taste comes from the minerals still inside or on it.


Not quite. You’re discounting the air. The water could be slightly more acidic than the ice.


Very simply, at different temperatures, the solubility of natural gases are different (increasing temp = decrease in solubility). Different amounts of CO2 and O2 can create a difference in taste.