(Debate Thread) Does Water taste different than Ice?


Where do you stand on the issue?


Yes, because science.


Yes it does. in its frozen state during the process it becomes a cleaner source I believe… because you know… science stuff


Even aside from the “water” (which is going to be water plus other substances… minerals, flouride, gasses, etc) having a different composition at different temperatures, your tongue tastes things differently depending on the temperature of the thing being tasted. A room temperature red wine will taste different to the same one that was chilled. That’s little to do with what is in the wine and everything to do with the biology of how taste works.

So… cold water (or fresh melted from ice) will taste more “pure” perhaps because we taste less about it, while warmer water will reveal more of the taste of the whole of its composition even if that composition was, roughly speaking, comparable when it was ice.


Depends on where the water and ice came from. Tap water in LA always smells/tastes like wet dog to me… :cry:


Depend on how you define taste.If it include texture then yes Ice taste different than Water


Way back when when I was probably 6 or 7. I would drink hot water and refer to it as “tea”
And now I like to drink cold water, not with ice but just putting it in the fridge for 8 hours or so and drinking it.

I also find it tasting better than what it was before making me say yes

But what do I know, I say blue cheese tastes like Aussie hair spray


That’s because if you let water sit for a long time it gets distilled. When I owned a Beta I would let large cartons of water sit since I couldn’t fill the tank with normal tap water it had to be distilled otherwise the fish might die.



/10 Yeses


What pandora’s box have you opened?!

Depends on the ice is made out of. Not all water is created equal nor is the substance the ice is made out of.


I see we’ve officially ran out of things to discuss :unamused:


I don’t know whats worst, you having to have to go through hat, or you knowing what wet dog tastes like :frowning:


I’ll have you know that wet dog is a delicacy.


I like snow, pour some Kool-Aid on it and you got a slushie.
And I’ve never really thought much about it unless you can tell the natural water in the area has like sulfur in it or something.



Ice is just the solid phase of water. Of course, if the water was dirty when it underwent the phase change, the ice would probably taste like shit.


I think it depends on if the water is cold or not. You could make tap water cold, and have a bottle of water room temp, and more people I think would say that the cold water was more pure or tasted better, than what was in the bottle. I think it’s all mental mind games. Also, I have frozen cubes of root beer…it tastes more watered down in ice cube form than standard.


If you cant taste temperature, the water would taste the same.

But then there are other issues… Where is @Galactoid when you need him xD


Assuming the water is from the same source.

So you take a glass of water and freeze it, or you thaw half a chunk of ice.