DEATH BATTLE: Tuefort 9 vs the Overwatch team


hello! this is the dude who made the old Death Battles that kind of just turned into flamewars! any way, this is a death battle of the Tuefort 9 vs. the team overwatch! Ever since Overwatch was announced, people have compared the it to Team Fortress 2, some saying it’s better than tf2, the others saying it’s not.

which of the crews would win in a deathbattle? You decide!

  • Tuefort 9 (tf2)
  • Overwatch team

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me? I think the mercs from tf2, as they are all very awesome, each fitting well into a well formed puzzle. Together, they are unstoppable.

PS: please no flame wars! thank you.


TF2 seems kind of out classed power wise, maybe not though.


Good luck hitting skinny ass Tracer


The TF2 mercs have proven time and again that they don’t obey the laws of physics at all. If they die, Medic can just pull a Lazarus.


Same in Overwatch, are you forgetting that

Heroes never die!


And Reaper literally can’t be killed due to the rate of his cells restoring themselves, Genji survived death once and is a fucking badass, so why not again.


boom, headshot.


Tracer? Sticky bombs.
Genji? Sticky bombs.

Demoman weeps at simple weakness of the Overwatch “heroes”


it’s really sad too, as Scout is a far more agile counterpart to the both of them, but utilizing both McCree’s stun and Roadhog’s two hit shotgun.


Mmmph Mmmmph! fire everywhere


You know I wasn’t just stating that as a fact? That is what Mercy says as she casual… you know, revives the whole team.


and that’s what sniper says when he, you know, caually headshots(and kills) someone.


You really don’t like Overwatch…


Who is then revived, hence this non-literal idea of non-death.


The over watch team would win because they have better gear/tec, ultis and there is 21 of them to the 9 TF2 guys. This is coming from someone who has clocked almost 300 hours on TF2 and nothing on Overwatch so I would rather see the TF2 guys win but I cant see it.


in order to make it fair, there are only 9 overwatch characters:









and Widowmaker

and the tf2 characters are based on their “meet the” appearences.


Soldier can unsnap someone’s neck. Anyone who can do that is probably a god.


he has also been rewarded with tons of medals, made by himself of course.


The spy bangs tracer’s mom. Red team WINS


“and now he’s here to F**K us!”


Reinhardt and Bastion would just camp on the payload. You know, like they do in Overwatch, only with less threats. I like the tf2 guys and all, but they versatility of the Overwatch would be too much I think.