Death Animation


Is the Death Animation worked on? From watching gameplay videos it kind of feels weird. Monster just falls without any kind of pain. Example: If game had some kind of death animation where Monster cries to the pain and then falls it would feel a way better.

Does anyone known if it is worked on? :smiley:

OMG TRS why did you ignore this awesome idea?

I want to say this is on the list of things to polish before February. I can’t say for certain, but I believe it has been discussed.


Is it? I really hope it is since it just felt very odd for me.


It would be funny if you equip an over dramatic death, like a skin on a player loadout.

Or a death where all the wild life comes and feasts on you. Or one where Hank barbecues you. :smiley:


Current one is like gravitation eats you. You simply die and fall, it shouldn’t be like that.


Hehe I’d love to see the monster on top of some high point on the map giving some triumphant roar on win with the hunter’s bodies below him or something.

As for the hunter it’d be cool to see the remaining hunters that are alive delivering the final blow in a dramatic cut-scene of the monster’s death and final moments fighting for his life.


You have to remember that you will killing monsters over and over and over again. The same animation every time will get boring. Now, the Kraken can fall from the sky or the Goliath’s corpse can be propelled if he has momentum from on of his movement abilities.


Then why make same animation instead of making multiple? It’s possible.


Sure, it’s possible. Making multiple animations costs more money and takes more time. I am sure at some point they have to prioritize things like multiple animations for death sequences (nice to have at launch) with fixing bugs and making the game stable (must have at launch).

I’m sure if they don’t have multiple animations at launch it is something they could consider patching in later.


Seriously, why you guys argue that company can’t afford to create more than one animation? This isn’t an Indie game.


I have full confidence that they’ll add more to this. I remember thinking that even when the match ended… like that was it? But I fully realized the game isn’t full developed and that there WILL be more of a cinematic when the game ends or when the Monster dies.


Just because it isn’t an indie game doesn’t mean they have infinite funds. But I guess, multiple death animations ARE more important than a fully complete, stable, bug free game. You win.


If the game froze and it close up slowmoed on like the person delivering the final shot or the camera followed the bullet to the monster in a 2 second killcamfor everyone type of thig thatd be badass. Also similarly as the monster kills the last hunter to freeze and then slowmo his final blow would be really cool


Agreed, that would be pretty sweet.


I say we go back to the cupcake deaths I’d heard they had in the early phases.


Let me make Kickstarter for Evolve then…


This guy… lol


The main problem with the monsters death is the on screen time after he dies is very short, something that’s been persistent since PAX East. It needs to be given room to breath, not abruptly cut to the Hunters Win screen.


Had the same thoughts exactly! It just gets rushed to Hunter/Monster wins screen as soon as the match finishes.

It would be way better if the game finished like this:

Monster Wins
-Goliath would bang its fists to its chest
-Goliath would simply roar for its victory

Hunters Win
-Hunters would high five each other

Think that’s all I can think of.


A winning cut scene for either side would be nice too. Where they trap the monster and kill it maybe?