Death Angel: ALIENS Playthrough


It’s been a long time but I am almost ready to take on this challenge and make a video of my playthrough of Death Angel: Derelict Spacecraft, the unofficial Aliens re-skin. I ordered the re-skin a long while back but hadn’t been able to play it due to real life stuff. While I still have my Kickstarter to run right now, I do have some time here and there to record my playing a bit. Here was my photographed playthrough of the original Death Angel: Space Hulk game in case you wanted to see that:

In Death Angel you don’t pick and choose your teams, it’s done randomly, but I figured why not for this first playthrough? Here’s where you come in…which 3 teams would you like to see in the video?

GREEN TEAM: Sergeant Apone & Corporal Ferro
BLACK TEAM: Private Drake & Corporal Dietrich
RED TEAM: Lieutenant Gorman & Private Vasquez
YELLOW TEAM: Private Frost & Private Spunkmeyer
BLUE TEAM: Corporal Hicks & Private Wierzbowski
PURPLE TEAM: Private Hudson & Private Crowe


“Alien hunting!!”-- Spongebob & Patrick


This is Crow’s lost cousin.


I assume you’re voting for Purple Team then, lol…what other two? I need to go in with 3 teams. You too @Torvald_Stavig …which 3 teams would you like to see in action together?


Purple, Red, and Green.


I actually have no idea what this is, but Ill watch it if you make gameplay!


Heh, it’s a card game you play on the table where you are marines and you’re fighting against Aliens to complete an objective. It’s a brutal card game where most of the time you’ll die. It was based on Space Hulk from the Warhammer 40K universe but the re-skin I have is a fan-made version using characters out of the movie “Aliens.” Same game…new theme.


(surprisingly fun video!)


Sounds interesting! Ever heard of Dominion?


Yes of course! I haven’t played it though, it looks good…just not a drafting fan.


It is super fun with people that know what they are doing. It’s really confusing at first for new comers.


Black, yellow, purple.


Need more votes! I plan to post my first video of a round or two on International Tabletop Day which is Saturday! @MaddCow I know you’ve played Death Angel before…any suggestions on teams here?


I think that if you want an easy run play with the expansion characters, if you have them. Some of them are super amazing. N/M just saw it was the aliens version…


Black, Red and Purple. You’ve got all the complainers in one game :slight_smile:




Intro video is up:


Put me on no team. I’m chilling with the Aliens B)


Next video is up!