Dearest Hunters!


And I suppose that includes me, seeing as I have shamelessly defected what with the current state of the game.

Oh yes. About that.

Since we need new Monster ideas, let’s go to the Hunters for inspiration! :smiley:

We can have:

Sunny- A monster with an insane mobility advantage! In the control of a bad player, you might catch up to them, with a butt tonne of luck. This mobility is extended in fights so guess what? Good luck hitting the thing! :smile:

Slim- A monster that can cloud your vision and go invisible, also removing your healthbar and fuelbar. This ability can be spammed every two seconds!

Torvald- Sure, let’s have a Monster with an INSANE amount of damage, forcing you to abandon your current task, and use your limited resources to dodge. But wait- It recharges faster than your fuel does! :smiley: You get to choose between avoiding waaaaaay too much damage and doing your job. :smile:

Crow- A Monster that ignores healing and shielding, directly attacking health. :smile:

Caira/Hank combo- Monster can speedily regenerate armor and cometely ignore damage. Add in the superb mobility… :smiley:

Trappers in general- A Monster that can heavily slow your movement, deny jetpack boosts, find you no matter where you are on the map and then dome you. :slight_smile:

Parnell- A Monster that does unsustainable amounts of damage in seconds if it has a decent aim, but it’s balanced because it’s “burst” not “consistent” even though w decent player can do it consistently but oh well! :blush:

Sooooo! Does that sound nice, guys? Taste of our medicine, hmm? :wink:



And none of it is OP cuz its fun to play :smile:


Not OP, l2P :stuck_out_tongue: You must adapt to these new things with no counterplay amd poor balance!


OP? Absurd!!!
It takes skills to use them effectively, it took me 2 whole matches to learn how to use them, not OP at all


You made me lol, thank you C:


If it died in 4-6 hits yea sure, even with 16-24 hits, but im assuming it actually survives more than a few hits like thecrest of the monsters, so that probably wouldnt work out


“4-6 hits?” Lol. Funny man.

Caira/Slim and Hank/Sunny with basic CC and GOD hunters = no downs. I say this as a Hunter.


If the monster plays it badly yea, separations the name of the game, i always kill support first then bait him to get the medic then its easy to clear the other two, reguardless of who the hunters are


You’ve been fighting bads. :slight_smile: I’ve been Monsterong since Alpha, I’m not a noob. And this cheese comp? Nah.


And yea unsheilded and unhealed its about 4-6 hits to down a hunter, if youre trying to level the playing field then i would assume the monster who have equal heath along with the equal abilities


People seem to forget the monster is a bully, you dont kill your prey where it is, you bully it away from any help it can get then beat the shit out of it, i just push people around as goliath


Knokback nerf and jetpacks say hi. :slight_smile:


3 points in ANY ability, i think the monsters are ok, people keep trying to balance this game, but if someone plays in a radically different way than expected theyll win every time, its an entirely different mechanic verses another entirely different mechanic, it wont be balanced, you can only make the encounters SEEM fair, but if someone plays in a way that the encounter is different theyll contol the whole game, every single time


You mean Beta Wraith? Yeah that was fun! Lets repeat that again.

You mean Beta Wraith? Yeah that was fun! Lets repeat that again.

You mean Beta Wraith? Yeah that was fun! Lets repeat that again.

Thats new! Let´s make Hank and Sunny completely useless. That sounds like fun.

You mean Beta Wraith? Yeah that was fun! Lets repeat that again.

You mean Beta Wraith? Yeah that was fun! Lets repeat that again.

/sarcasm off O_o


Oh and you forgot that the monster can spam ADS and hit every single ability for critical hits ^.-


tell me about the wraith knockback x)


I can’t because it doesn’t exist anymore. Ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.


Oh yes It does. I met some good wraith who still using it xD like no way you can escape from those physicals combos.