Dear Wraith players, A story of my game last night


I was playing a game last night that lasted at least 40minutes against a wraith player. The Wraith player ran away the entire game, in dome and out. He never fought until stage 3. So we spent ages running after the shifty coward and even when we caught him he had 2 decay, 1 warp blast at stage 1 so we could not do much damage as he kept running and hiding. Thats fine for stage 1, but stage 2 was the same but worst. After about 20 minutes he staged up and we had just had enough so we went to the power relay on DAM. He spend the next 15 minutes spaming decoy at us which pauses the timing. The only times he personally attacked i domed him and he ran around like a coward again. We would have ran after him but he was hiding in a very bad area for us hunters.

With 2 minutes still left (we had really had enough at this point) on the clock we all stopped shooting until he (well the decoy) hit us to run the timer down as fast as possible. This tactic finally but still slowly took the timing down to 15seconds, FINALLY he attacks us…and is destroyed within 1 minutes and us still with lots of health. We knew he couldn’t win against us about 20minutes ago.

We yelled at him after the match. We were annoyed, sorry

So what should you take away from this story Wraith players. TURN AND FIGHT, AND STOP DECOYING 24/7 to try to do damage because that only wastes time. At stage 2 WRAITH can fight on even terms with the hunters. MOST IMPORTANTLY, Evolve is meant to be a game for fun. So if you have armour fight the hunters so the game is fun for all.

I would like to end with though that most Wraith players dont play like this, and thank-you to those players


I don’t play Wraith, but S3 Monsters need to nut-up.


You got trolled. Expect it from time to time as a lot of Monster players are really pissed off that for the next week we can’t really play or enjoy Evolve.


he did try to attack us during that time but kept backing off because we took his armour down really quickly. he would then spam decoy as he found food. But yeah maybe a troll