Dear Turtle Rock! I get the pun! (Also compliments to the devs! And especially the creative department!)


The behemoth looks like a turtly rock monster!

No, but, seriously, to the entire team, to everyone who’s worked on this gem, I’m going to say this. Spent a fair bit of money on this game, and you know what, I don’t regret a thing. Yes, the game is rough right now, I’m not going to deny that. But what game exists in this day and age that doesn’t launch with a myriad of bugs to deal with - The fact is you guys are working on it, fixing it, and making the game even better.

Honestly, in my time playing the game, the only things that have truly discouraged me are the loads of people who somehow feel the need to review a game that they ‘Can’t afford’, giving it a bad rating because it’s out of their price range (Seriously, does a homeowner pan the architects of a mansion because he can’t live in it?), while simultaneously claiming they’ll drop their reviews ‘should the game become cheaper’.

Another thing I’ve had some issues with is just the playerbase. Elitest gamer snobs who ignore the first thing you say in a match “This is my first time playing lazarus” and, when they lose the match, immedeatly blame the lazarus for the game failing. Or if that fails they just blame it on the game being broken. Or the monster being OP.


But I digress.

What you’ve created here, TR, is not only a fun game with great gameplay and a unique concept, satisfying a desire that has not been sated since the bygone ages of playing Giants: Citizen Kabuto on a crummy windowsXP platform, blasting Sum 41 in my ears and being told that we had to shut off the internet because we were gettin’ a phone call, giving me that thrill of being something far beyond any character of any game that’s in the market these days, because in my experience, only LAME people actually ENJOY being the hero! Being the monster is where it’s at, BUT ALSO (Yes, this is all still one sentence!) creating a new world, a new creative stage to tell a story of great scope and mystery!

Already, we’re faced with a whole slew of things that I cannot help but speculate on!

Who were the Lazarus Men?
What really happened to the Swords?
Where are the monsters coming from?
Who is controlling them?
Why is Shear important?
Why WAS Factor important?
What is up with that moon?
Do the hunters survive the Evacuation storyline?
Where is the monster’s mother?
What was the Mutagen War?
How did Maggie survive for 2 years alone on factor? (MAKE A SOLO CAMPAIGN ABOUT THIS PLEASE.)
Who are the Corp Pirates?
Who are the Sol Guard?


Erm. Sorry, got a little excited, back to normal.

I just want to know so much about this world, I want to see what’s in store, and I can scarcely wait for the next discovery that I’ll make, hidden around the next corner, lurking in the bushes, and armed to the teeth with fire breath, biological explosives, and massive razors.

I know where my last discovery was. It was right behind me, when I started the 5th day of Evacuation, as a monster.

…And it was at that point that I realized there was more to this story than meets the eye.

I pray you will continue this story for us all. Sincerely, a true fan of EVOLVE.


It must have something to do with those green lightning cloud things the minions spawn from on defend.

@matthew whats the deal with those?


I know right? But just what is it! It’s got to be a portal of some kind, but where’s the other end, and who’s making it? Is it another monster making it? IS IT AN ALL POWERFUL ALIEN RACE SENDING THROUGH TENS OF THOUSANDS OF GARGANTUAN BEASTS THROUGH TO WIPE OUT ALL OF HUMANITY-



What IS up with that moon?




I assume the Mutagen Wars has something to do with the monsters’ existence, and their strangely humanoid features.

But that’s just a theory, a game theory.


From the sounds of things, the only previous encounter humanity has had with these things is Factor, and even then, the fate of Factor doesn’t appear to be well known throughout the universe. The crew of the Laurie-Anne know it from Maggie’s tale, but something tells me that Maggie is a considerably recent addition to the team, as it seems a lot of the conversations revolve around asking Maggie the questions, and her explaining the answer. Why does she call her Trapjaw Ruva, where did she buy her, how long was she on factor. She seems to know a lot more than she’s told, so I’m guessing that human kind hasn’t gone to check on Factor too thoroughly just yet.

The mutagen wars on the other hand sound like something that happened a while back. Lazarus and Hyde are both veterans of it, but of the 1000 Lazarus Men, Laz’ is the last, indicating either they were all wiped out in the war, or they’ve been wiped out over a longer period of time. As for Hyde, this is a shot in the dark, but his psychopathic tendencies might coincide with a soldier who enjoyed his job just a little too much, and went a bit nuts when there weren’t any more bad guys to shoot. The fact that he’s now so casual towards combat would almost indicate a sort of long-awaited treat sorta thing.

If I had to guess, I’d say the Mutagen wars were all Human vs. Human in some sort of bio-tech arms race. Indeed, if Hyde really was a chem-trooper, and Lazarus was 1 of 1000 bred-for-war individuals with the ability to fully ressurect a dead person - Who knows. Maybe they’re called the Mutagen wars more due to the weapons they were fought with.

Maybe this is the origin of Parnell’s unorthodox ‘Rage Trooper’ monicker.


I remember another hunter asking about why Daisy was called Ruva once, if I recall properly it was because Ruva is Daisy in Maggie’s native language. Also I found this video with Hyde and Val having a chat about the Mutagen Wars. It provides some insight on it.


You missed a big question. Do we get one of those nifty human-insect hybrid men from the Mutagen Wars as a Hunter?

Also, from what I remember from in-game dialogue:

The Mutagen Wars was a war of independence by a colony(colonies?) in the Basilisk Sector, trying to be free from control of The Hub. They spliced their DNA with that of insects and had some nifty human-insect hybrids going on. Chem Troopers and Lazarus Men were involved in the fighting. And apparently Hyde and Laz met during them.