Dear Turtle Rock, a problem with medics healing through domes


They need to fix the issue with evolve and hunters. There shouldn’t be times where the monster feels cheated out of a victory because the medic didn’t get into the arena when it came up. I had to quit a game as a monster because the medic wasn’t inside the arena and still was healing the hunters. They need to make it where when the arena goes up the medic can’t heal outside the arena they have to be inside to heal their teams. see if you cant fix this soon


Sounds like a Lazarus move…

I wonder if Caira’s nades can be shot at the wall and heal that way.


it was and its complete bs on how it works it should be where they have to be inside to heal regardlesss


I do agree it is kinda screwed up when Lazarus is outside the Dome and he pops his heals through the Dome to heal others.

The comp that runs with it is usually Hyde, Cabot and now probably Jack which is extremely painful on the Monster.

You have to focus Trapper to get out of the Dome meanwhile Cabot and Hyde are melting your fucking face.


The issue is that those hunters need to stay in that portion of the dome then too.


That tactic is so easy to counter, just knock them away from the wall so they cant be healed. If Laz stays outside he wont get any healing or any sniping shots, and when someone goes down you can just use them as bait.

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Most likely can…although…that wouldn’t do you much good. In fact it’d be even worse then laz.

The laz out doem tactic is dumb. Not only do I need to run to one part of the dome to get health back if I need, it’s also a decrease in firepower AND I might have to burn fuel to even get there by which time the monster can just go bop and zap my health away.

I dislike laz’s that do that. It cripples rather then helps.


I’m a Silver2 main Lazarus and I actually prefer to be in the dome. More control over the situation


To be fair, if the dome is properly positioned, where there’s only half the dome to play around in, and Sunny’s present and has a Shield Drone set on the opposite side of the dome then that tactic can really be a pain for the monster.


I don’t care for your rank. No need to spill such stuff to me. All I care about is whether or not the laz has what it takes to be in the dome with us.

Like not entering the dome right away and looking for a way to sneak in is fine. But staying out the whole time? F that.


I’d rather have laz in the dome.


Oh, as would I. Although untouchable Laz is nice (Rock Throw notwithstanding) he’s ultimately more useful to the team when he can pop heals off as needed, and add damage multipliers to the rest of the team. Was just pointing out how much of a pain said tactic could be. xP


-.- it was to just point out that I’m also not new. And the rest of my reply agreed with you.


Its mainly just a problem for people who think they need to attack Laz the entire game, when its actually a smart move to kill others so you can use their bodies as bait, and stop them from doing their job. For example, if you take down assault you can camo the body with little punishment.


Never underestimate the kind of damage that the Support and trapper are capable of, my friend. That gets people killed.

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Sure, they can do good damage but not nearly as much. Besides, if you are darting around the body it should be easy a lot of damage. Thats another thing people do wrong, they stand on top of the body instead of giving Laz a chance to revive and ambushing him.


I’m sensing extreme hostility… damn…

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Edited your title as to add clarity to what’s troubling you.

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Going to read the OP and subsequent posts now.


There are three problems for hunters in a dome with a laz outside the dome:

  1. By staying on the opposite side of the dome (relative to lazarus) you can force the hunters too far from lazarus for them to get effective healing

  2. If you down someone you can easily smell out lazarus’ approach
    or alternatively:
    if lazarus cloaks then once he is near the body you are ferociously camping he will run out of cloak and become a easy picking for you to down afterwards (depending on enemy comp and/or dome location)

  3. You can easily remain passive on the opposite side of the dome lobbin’ rocks, fissures/lava bombs or other ranged/heavy hitting abilities to either force laz in to the dome or to quickly down whatever gets too cocky assault/trapper being the ideal targets to down.

A added benefit to staying away from laz is that you can take cover behind structures or the enviroment to burn dome time.

In the end the biggest reason why monsters die to a laz outside the dome is that they try to bum rush immediatly without realizing he is sitting outside the dome resulting in them taking a lot of pointless damage.

Overall the strategy only gives some safety to Lazarus himself rather than any for his team and should be something you can easily deal with.

As a personal note I feel a Lazarus who can dodge you inside the dome to be far more dangerous.

In my opinion keeping it the way it is, is fine since it adds additional strategy to the game and the number of things laz can actually achieve by sitting outside is extremely limited.


The second point just seems like regular combat, not something that relates to laz being in or out of the dome initially.