Dear TRS: Thank you for letting us play offline


Makes me feel better about the game in a weird way. I refuse to buy tiranfall because there was no offline play again. Again it’s a little thing that makes a strangely big difference. I almost never use it,but I love the fact that it exists. Thanks to @MacMan and TRS for a super great game.


I love offline mode. I actually spent quite some matches in solo mode to unlock all characters and elite for Abe, since the objectives definitely don’t fit with normal playing.


after getting wrecked in evacuation mode with the wraith. i got angry. so i went on bots to fix my gameplay. i refused to do the whole spam decoy +supernova crap so i made my build based on not doing that. through ai bots on solo i found it. havent lossed my wriath since (on hunt at least :slight_smile: )

thank you trs.


All I need now is system link!


I lost internet connection for one day and was still able to play Evolve. I was so happy! :smiley: :blush:


I like playing solo sometimes too! :slight_smile:


Wait, did your game arrive???


Yeah yesterday! :smile:



Well at least the bots aren’t using hacks. I’ve had enough of it and now after a week and a half I’m just not interested in playing this any more. I was not expecting this. TRS reacts by telling us to report it to 2K, who doesn’t care.