Dear TRS don't do stereotype robots plz

example in killer instinct fighting game, they made a female robot (Aria)… with heels >.> soo yeah robots dont need heels thnx

leg cannons are waaaaay better

PS: no more beards plz :grin: your allowed one more mustache


Maybe she likes heels

Yeah but…
Beards are incredible…
Especially Hyde’s…


How is putting heels on a robot making it stereotypical?

Also, you can never have too many beards. Bring on the facial hair! There are so many options that have yet to be explored.

Can only women wear heels? I don’t wear heels personally, but I’m a pretty short person and I can understand why some men do that.

Well, technically I’m at around the global average, but I’m almost a foot shorter than the average Scandinavian man.

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just about every female robot ever made has boobs, ass, and heels, how about some hunter built female robot style >.> just once

maybe she likes cannon legs or feet better for fighting monsters :wink:

@Matthew said in the stream yesterday that Phil would only let him make one robot :3

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Cyborg army confirmed!


Hey, how bout this one?
image a Stereo-Type Robot O.o

(what is a stereo-typical robot?)


at the beginning… who knows what ideas have shifted in the background ^.^ not everything stays consistent forever

that looks like my car >.> are u spying on me?

Hoping it’s a trapper

image … No O.o
(jokes, I don’t spy on anyone, cus I respect people’s privacy ^^)

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I knew it!!!

and thats not what republicans say :smirk:

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He was talking about Bucket
He was only allowed to make one robot

technically, bucket is more human than hyde :smirk:

That might be, but Bucket is more robot than Hyde. :wink:
Where were we going with this

Matt did say they told him 1 robot… but whoever told him that, could have had a change of heart, especially with the new terminator movie coming out also age of ultron avengers, and lets not forget Chappie cups ^.^ that could have helped with the swayed in persuasion :grin:

Ugh… don’t get me started on everything I dislike about the new terminator movie -.-