Dear TRS devs


is there any way to enter the files we downlaoded for preload and play them offline, just a teeny tiny bit, pretty please? >.<


Hehe this can’t happen especially with those files.That would mean steam releasing the full game.

We got more chances of everyone getting a press release than playing with those files ^^


i would really really love to get a copy, my vacation starts today and i have an entire weeks vacation and 4½ days until i can play the real evolve. i would play it every day for massive amounts of time, already have 63 hours for alpha + beta, but even though i signed up as a beta tester for them and got the chance to, i noticed that it was required to be over 18 to get access, and sadly i am a few months short of that XD

well hope TRS will consider it though :smiley:


What do you mean signed?Where? :stuck_out_tongue:


in the big alpha survey you could sign up to be a tester for 2k :slight_smile:


Oh.Nevermind that.We had our Alpha and our Beta.The press release is for only few people that will be over in 2 days.So only launch left.(Also who cares about age rofl).So sit tight bro.We’re getting close