Dear TRS, can you tell us how do you track telemetry?


And how are the results of the last month?
This is find really hard to win a match against a good player…specially vs a goliath or meteor goliath!


I suppose when you want to see “results” you have something specific in mind.

Cause each game you play prob produces like 100 “results” in their database


Yhea wtf the just doing… ah sure they are doing nothing. Monsters cry= nerf hunters. Great…


Im assuming this is a shot at TRS, but they are working hard to balance this game. In fact, I would argue that this game is more balanced than ever right now.


sure…you play as a monster?


I play as both. I win just as easily as Hunter as I do as Monster (not counting the occasional game where you get a bot). And I feel that the game is very well balanced. Now, obviously Wraith and Behemoth are weak, but they are being worked on.

The game is, and probably forever will be, Hunter favored. If the Monster plays perfectly, and the Hunters play just as perfectly, Hunter win every time. But, against an uncoordinated team, or a team that isnt sure how to properly fight a monster, the Monster will win without fail.

Both teams keep calling for nerf of the other, but it all comes down to knowing what your doing, and, more importantly, practice. Get together with some friends, plug in some mics, and I think you will see how quickly you start winning game after game.


it’s a lot harder for hunters commit an error and this is crucial for the life team!
Monster can play more safer and quiet…Goliath is the strongest as i never seen before!
He can take too much damage and keep fighting without conseguence…For that reason i’m curious if i’m only me and my team or the rest of (veteran) hunters community encounters this difficulty…


I don’t know if @mizx would add anything.