Dear TRS - better use of social streams?


Yea, I know most of the team here are mods/devs, but maybe you can pass this up the line.

I do a lot of branding and community building consulting for large brands… One thing that is important is that your various channels support each other. It occurred to me today, while looking at some of your channels, that you might want to start encouraging engagement more by occasionally dropping a link to some of the more interesting/engaging threads here on the boards via your streams (Twitter, FB etc…). I know I would be if I was managing them.

One more, your community channels should generally cross promote. It’s a smart idea… :wink:

Anyway… just crossed my mind… as you were…

OFF NOTE; and really… the Facebook channel is a bit woeful for a brand such as TRS… they’ve had ONE POST since launch. tsk tsk… I’d be slapping my social team about the head if I was managing it… (tis here folks; )

Dear TRS (EP2) - featuring the community

" HEY … Look at this thread where players are crying about warith"

"HEY… Look at this thread where players are crying about DLC "

“HEY… More threads about XBOX progression loss”

“HEY… Look at this random thread”

“HEY…NVM, nothing here…Nothing to watch…Nothign to see… Good Bye”


LOL… yea, there is the potentially to surface some of the negativity, but I think we do a good job (as members) of countering many of the points in those threads. It’s still worth promoting positive/constructive conversations.

On the topic of the “lost progression”, I wouldn’t be afraid to share a link to the thread where @MacMan has been giving us updates. While it may at first seem negative, those with the issue (that don’t know about the forums) will continue to Tweet at them regardless. By seeing said thread, they would see how the team here is far more responsive than most gaming companies out there. One has to play to the positives.

In marketing and PR, you can’t sweep the negative under the rug. All companies face PR issues and it’s how it’s dealt with that leaves a positive/negative view in the consumers mind.