Dear (some)Wraith players…


If you choose to play as a Wraith in Arena mode, please do what the mode was intended for and actually fight. Spamming decoys and warp blasting around the map for 15+ minutes isn’t fighting. Playing against a Kraken is super annoying seeing as it floats in the air, mitigating damage, and can body camp across the dome but at least they fight.

Every player who has ever played against a Wraith that does nothing but flee and run out the timer in Arena mode


Had two games last night vs a couple different folks, both as Wraith.

The first guy beat us fair and square, fought immediately, etc etc. He used WB, Abduct and I think a point in SN.

One of the Hunters proceeds to go on about how cheap SN is in the post-game and how the guy didn’t play a ‘real Wraith’, then gets Monster on the next game and picks Wraith

Proceeds to flee til Draw on round 1, then flees the next round until our Laz got so impatient he pretty much handed him a win by running off the other way alone and getting Wraith’ed. THe guy took WB and Decoy and used them as defensively (See: Cowardly) as possible until this point.

So anyways, with Laz dead, this guy finally summons enough guts to fight us toe-to-toe and almost gets roflstomped, BARELY ekking a win (I’m talking Cabbage in Sudden Death needing two more good hits close)

Post-game menu comes up, the guy’s all smug with gems like ‘And THAT’S how you play Wraith! No BS Supernova!’

I faceplamed so hard I still have a hand print on my face. If that is how Wraith is ‘supposed’ to be played, I’ve been playing Wraith all wrong! :stuck_out_tongue:


Dear Hunter players,

Kindly do not generalize all monster players by commonly accepted stereotypes. Not all of us run away 24/7, no matter what monster we play, and not all of us spam AS and ranged bodycamp either.


Every monster player in the world.

But yes, a lot of people do this and it is annoying. -.-


Dammit Midnight I needed you to help me punish a coward Wraith last night!


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Most decent monsters only run when they face defensive comps like sunny any medic or hank + slim/caira.

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Dear monster and hunter players,



Unfortunately the amount of wraith players that decide to do that in Arena is ridiculous. Sometimes they’ll get completely destroyed the first round and then they’ll run away the next two rounds because he/she knows that they’ll get outplayed again. Maggie needs to take Hyde’s advice and give Daisy a mine dropper that launches missiles with flamethrowers on them that lock onto the wraith and only the wraith.

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Or if you have no armor and it’s a bad place for you to fight. Like I won’t fight a Laz/Bucket comp at a relay without armor unless I’m S3 and even then I’d rather not. :stuck_out_tongue:

You say “all Wraith players” in the title…It’s a little annoying. :stuck_out_tongue: Again, not all of us do that. So don’t address your vent at all of us.


Changed it :smile:
All the same though, there have been very few times where I’ve fought a wraith player who actually fights in Arena. Most just run away the entire time.

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A lot of them do, and it is annoying. Some of us only enjoy a match when we know the other team is having fun too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless they’re that one group which abused pre-nerf Torvald and Sunny at launch in which case f*** you, no mercy.


But pre-patch Torvald was so much fun…;-; Quick switch with mortar, frisbee, shotgun, shotgun, and then repeat was very rewarding.


I think that the wraith players that choose decoy are unnecessarily neutering themselves so baisically every time I see a wraith that goes 3x decoy i facepalm (and by the end of the hour my face is numb from the facepalms) lol :smiley:

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Ya 3 in Decoy is prettymuch just delaying your own death against good hunters. :stuck_out_tongue:


3xwb1ab2xsn for the win all day evry day


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Movement speed Wraith with anything in Decoy is super annoying. Even just 1 or 2 points under Decoy is super annoying because you’ll be seeing more decoys while the Wraith runs away


I use 3 in WB and either 3 in SN or Abduct depending on the team comp. :stuck_out_tongue:


eh, i find getting them in a corner so i can make some hunter sushi blasted to well cooked perfection a perfect plate of vengence (especially since i win 2 games out of 6)


3 warp blast, movement speed perk. Stealth gameplay on Hunt. If engaged, typically take out the trapper if possible.
Out of dome, stage up. 3 in SN/Abduct. Decoy is useless, don’t bother. SN is bad as well, but it does provide some extra damage when you’re forced to brawl.

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3 WB go loud and fast get stage 2 in under 2 minutes. 3 in abduct then time to start the hit and run games. Stage 3 if they have a good support that can dodge and make it hard to down the medic.


Some people do this with every Monster, I don’t get why.

They start defending themselves with excuses like “I’m not stupid, I won’t fight Bucket / Maggie / Markov on their preferred location.”
So they just start baiting them out for the full match and if it doesn’t work - boom! It’s a draw, 15 minutes of my life just waited.

I don’t get this. Arena may be flawed (I’d like no wildlife, more armor at the start) but it’s still about 1 engagement. I feel it’s the Monster’s responsibility to make the match enjoyable.

When I play Goliath, I just play super-agressive, sort of how a Cabot setup would let the Hunters play.
Either I destroy the Hunters in 1 minute, or they turn out to be good at defending or I make one tiny slip up and there you go, I get destroyed in 1 minute.
But I don’t mind. I know it was fun for both sides.

It’s definitely 100x more enjoyable than engaging the Hunters, losing your armor without gaining a strike yet, retreating to play hide&seek for a while, come back with 1-2 armor bars, still don’t manage to down someone, retreat again.
These (bad) Monster players are equally frustrating to fight as the ones who hide all match.