Dear PC Players, how is it playing as a monster with a keyboard?

I play on PS4, and I would agree that any FPS is better with on PC (in terms of shooting gameplay). However, I couldn’t imagine playing as a monster with a keyboard. How is it?

Freaking amazing, by far my favorite gaming experience in a long time ~.~
I got my keybinds just right, works like a well oiled machine, I luv it so ^.^


During the alphas and beta I gave both control schemes a shot - at the very start I was able to pick up monster on controller much faster, but when I switched to KB/M and got used to it I felt a lot more powerful. I was hitting melees more consistently and aiming his ranged abilities felt faster so I spent less time hanging around with a rock in my hand.

That went double when Kraken was introduced; all of his abilities save aftershock felt far easier for me to aim with KB/M. I haven’t played with a controller since beta, so I can’t make comment on Wraith or Behemoth.

However, I am not good at nor do I particularly enjoy playing monster, so anything I have to say might be moot anyway. I’ve also played games like Assassin’s Creed, Arkham Asylum, and Shadow of Mordor all on KB/M, so I’m very used to the third-person view and control scheme.

Vastly superior.

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100% better imo :smiley:

I much prefer a controller. I don’t have the coordination for a keyboard lol. The only pc games I’ve played are Wizard101 (long time ago lol), Minecraft, and League of Legends.

I use a controller with a USB thingy. Whenever I mention that, the other players make fun of me. :frowning:

mouse is waaaaaay superior in terms of precision.

I don’t seem to have trouble landing any abilities or getting headshots, but I guess other people might struggle with a different “aiming style” than they’re used to. I would probably struggle for awhile if I went back to KB and mouse for FPS.

I play PC. I’ve done fairly well for myself as Hunter and Monster. I even have some nice tournament wins for it. I played the monster on my PS4 and after 3 tries on the tutorial and losing my first game against bots I can say that while the controller is very different and needs to be mastered, I just don’t think I’ll ever have the control I would like that Mouse + Keyboard offers. I also EXTREMELY dislike that I can’t change the controller buttons to what I want. Why can’t I have square be my melee attack? Ugh…

It should be awful, as the keyboard was invented to type words and it’s nowhere near ergonomic enough to use it to control a videogame character. I wouldn’t know because in my PC I play every game with the industry-standard Xbox 360 controller.

I personally think that using keyboard and mouse to play games is a bit ridiculous, though I know a lot of players use them. Some people even related effectiveness to this method of control. I just think that people simply got used to it and got the hang of using this typing peripheral to control their videogames.

While I do agree that this is case and point, the biggest problem is aiming. Yes, you can mechanically adapt to just about any setup, but there is a rather hard limitation on using a controller’s analogue stick to aim/move the camera as opposed to mouse. A mouse can go slow to very quick. Analogue sticks aren’t very customizable in going between those set speeds. The tracking mechanism that they use to determine pressure/force and direction will never be as precise as a mouse laser. It is why ball mice where pretty much forgotten once laser mice came out. Just my 2 cents on why I think that the mouse offers a better advantage.

Buttons aren’t the issue, it’s the ability to look and aim within a 3d environment that wins it out.

This. The reason M/KB setups will generally have the edge for similar-skilled players is because aiming with a mouse has acceleration. Large movements in the mouse translate to large movements in your aim, and vice versa. Joysticks have gotten better at it over the years, but it’s still a mechanical limitation of the format.

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Am i the only person who thinks tht it dosnt even matter? x3 I was raised on console and cant do anything but xD


If you can´t aim with gamepad its true but people who played since the last 10 years with only a gamepad are much better as you who only played with mouse, keep that in mind.


Amazing. I don’t know how you use a controller, the mouse is so much more accurate. I feel bad for you pitiful console players. Jk xD

I think its only practice. Mouse and Keyboard is much easier for beginning. Gamepad ist much harder at the beginning but if you control it you can be very good, too.

Evolve sadly have a very bad gamepad support. No adjustable Deadzone, No adjustable Accerlation, thats really sad and make it very hard to be good in this game with gamepad. Battlefield 4 is very good at this point you can all cutomize even on console from deadzone over sensivity to acceleration.

At this Point I put a link to my post, maybe it will be seen: Please add more Gamepad-Settings (Console and PC)

I dare say that mouse and keyboard is the abacus of the future. Boom.

No, seriously, there’s controllers that are supposed to be better at fine control, like the planned one by Steam. I think they can be improved for mouse-addicts, but as far as I’m concerned, together with a lot of people who play the same games on console, current controllers are perfectly fine.

Mouse too, it was invented for graphic UIs and particularly DTP and design. The fact that it ended up being used as a controller for games was accidental, or out of habit. For those who don’t know a lot of PC gaming history, until quite recently it wasn’t easy to find a good controller to play, or a definite standard like today’s use of the Xbox controller. You just plugged joysticks of varying qualities in the port of the sound card (?) and prayed it was supporte by the game (and didn’t suck). Meanwhile, games developed that ended up using similar interfaces to production apps, like with RTS games with their selection schemes and point and click interface with icons for powers. Personally I can’t understand why MOBA games like LoL and the other one still use the same old mouse based RTS interface to controll a single character in an overhead map. But well, I digress.

Like a well oiled machine image

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The kb mouse works because fps games were invented on a pc. Its the same for RTS, except worse, because playing a RTS without a keyboard is awful.