Dear my fellow hunters,


Please stop killing Elite Reavers, Blitzleopards, and other wildlife with average buffs on sight. There can only be about 2 or 3 Elite creatures on the map at once. If an Elite creature is killed, another will soon spawn.

So please don’t kill the Elite Reaver I just ran past, because I’d rather fight a Monster with no 35% more damage, or health regen, then have the use 30%(?) less fuel buff.

And to my fellow Lazauri, please ignore my above message. Instead kill the creatures and grab the buffs. But please revive it afterwards, so there’s not a possibility that a more powerful buff will spawn to replace that Elite Creature. You will also be able to come back later and grab the buff again once your current one expires, assuming the Monster doesn’t devour it.

And to my fellow Assaults, please don’t ignore me and run past when I’m trying to kill a large elite creature with a powerful buff. Instead help me kill it faster so it’s corpse will decay quicker, and we can get back on the Monsters trail faster.


This is incorrect. Elite wildlife spawn when entering the map. Not sure where you heard this information from.


I heard it from here.

But I don’t really understand the other part of your post. Where do I state that Elite Wildlife don’t spawn when entering the map?


Your first 2 sentences state that there are only 2-3 Elites at a time and that they are not created when the map starts. Golden is incorrect with regards to the buffs being limited. When a map starts ALL the Elites are already on the map. This doesn’t change. You never get more from killing other Elites.


Ah, I see. Thanks for clearing that up. Although I’m a bit curious, is it known how many Elites are on the map at the start of the game?


It’s random. For instance, if there is a Tyrant on the map there COULD be an HP regen. If there is no Tyrant, there can never be the HP regen buff. So once all the wildlife is ‘spawned’, Elite status is possibly given to one of the creatures able to have the buff. For instance, Distillery has up to 5 Tyrants. There is a roll to see if the buff is on the map, and then there is a roll to see which one has it.

This is done with all the different forms of wildlife on the map.


What Maddcow said. :smile:


Indeed, what @MaddCow corrected. I’m not sure if I got it wrong from the beginning or if it changed sometime later, but there’s no such thing as a three elite limit. However, once an elite is killed, there won’t be another of its kind spawning again.

It’s about time I update that thing.


No worries, I still remember when they said reload speed wouldn’t/didn’t affect class skills :stuck_out_tongue:


I wouldn’t worry too much about the buffs though. I don’t really think a pub team is gonna be coordinated enough to remember to go back to kill the albino.