Dear mods please don't make the main discussion threads "invisible"


It disturbs the usual flow of this forum. Why do you not just pin them globally? If someone is not interested he can unpin them or at least let the thread be visible. No wonder people keep making new behemoth/hunter threads because the supposedly main one is INVISIBLE.


Truth I cant find the original behemoth thread at all unless i go through my notifications.


You need to go to the “Main T4 discussion thread” and there you can take the link, which is exactly why I think it is silly and should be a regular thread.


The problem is that you shouldnt have to thread jump via links in the threads just to find stuff… It needs to be on the front page pinned if they dont want a massive amount of Behemoth threads.


It’s very short and simple to hop to the hub and go from there. The Hub for Tier 4 threads is globally pinned, too. If you like I can make a request for the threads to be listed that you can search for them easily.


yes please do. It is unnatural having to go through another thread over and over and maybe it will lead to less mod work and a better discussion. With wraith the same happened and it was strange back then aswell.


Done. Just let them, like, wake up. :slight_smile: Time zones are brutal.


Alright, Plaff is listing them now. :slight_smile: Should be infinitely easier to find them!

So now maybe people will…use them? :wink:


Thats great. Well if it doesn’t work out things can still be reverted


I think it’s a good shout, thanks for making the suggestion :smile: