Dear math geeks that help make all our lives easier with your mathematical skills, How many possible team combination?


Like title suggest how many possible team combinations can we get get from the twelve hunters we have right now?

I’m sorry but I’m an uneducated hunter from a third world country.

I swear 9/10 games are only Caira, Cabot, Abe and any assault setup with a Cabot twin occasionally joining the game.




Omg I meant to write math not meth, is there a way I can change it? I’m on my phone Lol.



Anyway, with the math cough meth cough

333*3 ( for 4 types of hunters, 3 in each role )

= 81

A little surprising to think there are that many.


lol For the sake of the post leave as is, otherwise just click the pencil icon


82 actually, Hanks beard is its own entity



But his beard doesn’t affect the number of combinations unless it can be in the party without Hank… and then you have to define under what conditions it appears, and if it appears as a 5th team member or another member of a class…

There’s only 1 real team for me: Caira’s wings coffee meth, Bucket’s head, Markov’s accent, and Daisy.


Caira’s coffee is what i want, whatever is in it is legit


You mean Caira’s meth, right?


Nah she has her teeth and isn’t offering strange acts to get another bump “taste” in the game, it’s gotta be coffee


Did you know that Methamphetamine is a legal medication for ADHD and weightloss and also used for narcolepsy? It’s overdosing on crappy, bad quality, contaminated stuff that makes stereotypical meth addicts. Clearly Caira offers the good stuff!

After all, there’s gotta be a reason Caira refuses to boost me more often…

(Okay I’m done, really. And I’m going to bed before I start talking about how to perform illegal activities…)


yes I know I used to take Adderall :smile: and probably cause the team cant afford the constant supply she’s dealin


amphetamines… man…

it’s like going back to the old days of WW2, they used to stick soldiers full of this stuff. actually, they still might, pilots especially…


I’ve also heard they gave soldiers in Vietnam LSD and heroine


ya Vietnam was… interesting… pharmaceutically…


Far out maan


What happened here? This is what happens when you leave drug addicts forumites alone together on a thread about meth.

As for the question, the answer is… a lot? I’ve never been good at maths.


It´s good on meth…