Dear Hunters,


What do you really hate (not real hate, just a mental attitude) about each monster?

As a monster player, I get riled up with a strong medic player who chooses either Laz or Slim.

Laz, an experienced player is a ninja medic with domes.
Slim, an experienced player can rez a fallen teammate before they even hit the ground (speed and skill with bucket)

Hyde for his Behemoth counter by face melting my poor bob… lol jk hydes not an issue.
but Markov, his clingy energy is just devastating when coupled with kala

Lol, no… no problems EVER anymore with Trappers… that class really is a joke now…

Tech Hank, I know that if he is solid, I will eventually have to break the team apart just to get to him, but if he is backed up by a solid medic player… i know thats a wombo combo to deal with.


Nothing I hate about Goliath. Hate how 1/4 of Kraken’s abilities can be destroyed. Hate how Wraith is still getting nerfed after unplayability. Nothing I hate about Bob. Hate how Gorgon hinders movement

As a Hunter player, I have more problems with Hunters than Monsters


Trappers are a joke? With cc that’s arguably stronger than ever, running full poison rounds? I’d have to disagree with you on that. Good trappers save their teammates just as often as support or medic, and do a fuckton of damage as well.


I hate Hank. Everyone else is manageable. Hank can die in a fire.


The hate is strong with this one


LMAO A friend of mine was using markov with all dmg perks and i was running Kala. When we synched the AR with the lightning gun we were taking 1 1/2 bars of health each time AR was ready. No one suspects Kala to be a nuisance until it’s too late! :stuck_out_tongue:


I hate monsters that have clearly, CLEARLY the upper hand and let the last survivor alive just for trolling us… many, many times and never ending the game.

That only happened on Arena mode, back in the days though…


I hate just my fellow hunters,never monster.
But real good kraken is the most annoying thing under the sun.

Also nerf wraith pls so i can instant kill her with 1 shot from any weapon ingame. [that is current steam mentality]


You know what rly grinds my gear?
A Hank Player that abuses cd perks


I’m usually a hunter player but I will play monster if the game gives it to me. One thing I hate as a monster player is this. It is very very rare to see someone who is actually good with her but you know it when you find one, Kala.
There have been times when I chased a medic around a cliff into a corner, thinking I got them pinned, and there’s a teleporter right there -.-
I backtrack my path to juke the hunters and Kala teles back to the center of the map and domes me.
I have full armor but that doesn’t matter with her.
If I’m playing a pre made game with my friends she is actually my favorite support to bring. I will not bring her to a pug party. As of now she’s the only hunter I have elited. What I like about her is there are hardly any people that can put her to good use but the ones that can change the gameplay.


I hate gorgon, just seems relentless.

Goliath as he is just all round too strong but is the most fun to fight.

I hate wraith players not the wraith.

Behemoth is fine.

Kraken can be fine can be infuriating depending on player style.

But yeah I generally have more of a problem with other hunters. I sigh if I see laz picked because 90% of them are useless. Same for bucket, totally useless unless the player is good. Parnell. Griffin.


Comps I hate:

  • Hank + Caira
  • EMET, Sunny, E Griffin and Blitzkov
  • Rogue Val + Bucket

Prob a few more but can’t think of any right now.


Sunny can (metaphorically) bend over and get fucked. I groan every time I see her.


R.val + bucket? Why…

Since rval healing nerfs she can’t keep anyone alive lol. This comp only works if the monster would be stupid enough to focus r.val, I don’t see this comp working vs any monster tbh.


It’s annoying as Goliath especially when Bucket is dodging everywhere and there’s a good Griffing/E Griffin on their team. Combine that with an assault like Lennox or Blitzkov that you have to keep hitting to stop their damage output and break griffins harpoons then you’ll find yourself doing less DPS against Bucket and most likely has most of his health back when you go to focus him again.


If the team has a griffin/egriffin, just focus him? R.val can’t keep him alive.

If the team has a statis trapper, focus Bucket…

Hell, you can even focus down the assault vs this comp :stuck_out_tongue:


Except you now have bucket using shield bursts+mechanised recharge to keep griffin alive and setting up turrets to do even more damage to you while RVal is healing him at the same time.

Same thing applies to if you focus the assault, mechanised recharge and oh look, he got his defense matrix back.


Goliath,i hate his low skill requirements and his unbalanced high hp compared to his huge damage

Wraith,i hate her traversal spam.Uncatchable out of dome

Gorgon i fking hate spider cause at last level it has high hp

Kraken i hate everything about it.I also hate whoever designed his abilities and whoever named it kraken instead of cthulhu

Nothing some mortars cant solve though


I’m sorry but, if R.val and bucket can keep the trapper alive then you’re doing something horribly wrong as Goliath.


Goliath is my main, I don’t get why you’d go for Trapper which can be supported more than if you for the Medic or Support.

By the time you get someone down you’ve taken a chunk of health damage just for one strike due to Blitzkov.