Dear Free To Plays


Please listen to us founders, we have played the game much longer than you have and we have the experience of fighting against much better players, and so we have developed tactics, game strategies and new ways of playing to adapt to the monster threats.

Don’t be rude to us and not take our advice or force us to play Hunters you like, if I feel like playing Lazarus, I will because I have more experience than someone who is a f2p and dies instantly and not reviving.

Don’t have the audacity to tell us to “git gud” when you’ve barely played a days worth of the game yourself and died instantly

If we offer you advice, listen to us, don’t be that guy ignoring me when I’m telling Hyde to use the flamethrower instead of his minigun, and don’t give us excuses like, “the monster is attacking me”, learn to dodge.

If you’ve recently unlocked a new hunter, please play a custom match against bots 1st to familiarise yourself with their gear and play style, a hunter who doesn’t know their role will kill the entire team by themself, nobody can carry in this game