Dear Evolve,



Throughout the duration of this past year, i can say without a doubt, you have become my favorite game, ever. I don’t think it will be possible for me to forget my first two games in the big alpha. The ps4 version wasn’t working all weekend, and it generally pissed me off, because I had never been so excited to play a game. So you could imagine my excitement that Sunday night when the servers went up at 10:30 est. Although I had school the next day, and had to be up at 5 am, i still stayed up until around 3 playing. My very first ever game started around half an hour of searching, and I got hank, my favorite hunter then(and probably now). We dropped, and everyone but medic had a mic on. I lead the way until we found the Goliath at the relay on distillery around 1:30 in. I started the fight off with a huge orbital that melted all of his armor off, and then yelled for the assault to get in the monsters face while I shielded him. We had him under half health, when i hit him with another orbital that finished him off. All my waiting and anticipation was well rewarded. The next game, I got what I wanted, Goliath. I always knew Goliath would be my monster deep down, but I hadn’t figured that out yet at that moment in time. I rember starting on the dam, leaving false tracks right and sneaking left, eating to a quick easy stage 2. I had 2 in rock, 2 in flame, and 2 in charge. I had gotten around half of my armor up when I saw the medic stuck in a megamouth, so I seized the opportunity. I quickly killed the medic, got the trapper next, and, you get the point. From then on I had figured out, Goliath was mine. But, after release, things got real bad, real fast. Ill try to keep this positive, so I will keep my grievances to myself and or share them privately. But, as time wore on, i played the game so much, and got so good, I felt (and knew) I had nothing left to prove/gain. ESL was a nice breath of fresh air at 1st, but as time wore on the frustration of carrying degraded me. I feel like there is just soooo much more i could type, but to little time too do so. So i will end it here, Evolve will bo longer be my main game. I will still play, but only every so often. It was a hell of a ride, and i leave with the best memories of playing video games I will ever have.

Sincerely, Matt, “Michigan_ball”.

Edit- this post should have been way longer. I left out so much for the sake of time, and I apologize. I also want to thank the people I have played with over the course of the game, my ESL team, and ESL peers.

Oh and, I will always know, there wasn’t a damn Goliath better than me!


Well it is sad to see you play less friend but sorry to say we gotta shut this thread down, they typically spawn negativity that isn’t needed.

Hope you can come back someday! :sunny:
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I see no reason to shut this down… I kept it positive, there is no negatively

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Standard policy is to close “Goodbye” topics.

Goodbye and good luck!


It is a policy we have to close all goodbye threads. I’m very sad to see you go. Perhaps you will change your mind with the upcoming monster release. You’ve been a familiar Evolve face all around so it’s quite disappointing to see you go, so I do hope you will rethink this after a brief hiatus. I welcome your return again soon.