Dear Behemoth Players


Your rocky butt is exceptionally well camouflaged in rocky environments! However: The next time you decide to hide yourselves in rocky openings like a megamouth, please face the wall…

Nothing is creepier than walking passed what you thought was an innocuous boulder just to realize it has six glowy spider eyes looking at you… That’s right, I can SEE you being sneaky like that…

A+ for effort… but you’re creepy.

Learning Monster at level 40 - Help Appreciated :)

Yeah, one of my friends in game didn’t notice the giant Behemoth apparently. Got pounced, cause he got scared of the bright eyes… I’m still wondering how he didn’t see him.


One of the reasons I don’t like Crow. I get to see a silhouette of behemoth sneaking… a lot.

And there I was, following our trapper as he walked right past it and jumped off a cliff, and I was thinkin “Wow, that looks a lot like a sneaking behemoth…” and then I get there, and see those bug-eyes staring at me and thought “Damn, that is a behemoth…” so I did the only sane thing any hunter would do to a behemoth… I shot a spore grenade at it’s face as he pounced me :stuck_out_tongue: and then pinged for all Iwas worth!

[Edit: Sneaking behemoths don’t breathe. they’re almost exactly like an XL-Megamouth. Stuck in a craig or corner, they look like terrain.]


I have still not fallen for one. O.o


Technically I did not fall for it, it fell on me… but that’s a whole nother story ^.^


Uh i wonder how its possible to sneak the whole time as behemoth i always got carrion birds.


Gives you this feeling huh? Plus the Behemoth (in my opinion) is by far the most terrifying.


Yeah, that’s… about right… and then I shot a spore grenade at it ^^


I wish I was decent in Photoshop, cause I would swap that face with Behemoths ^.^


Rip it out of that one :stuck_out_tongue:

Dangit Griffin is awesome.


I don’t get that feeling.


I’ll do it once I get to my computer. What is the name of the picture? Meme


In a game with a sneaky behemoth earlier, suprised my teammates didn’t see him most of the time. one time it was really terrifying when I walked into him, those eyes man.

Once I figured him out, I would just stand close to him, staring back at him. Waiting if my teammates will notice him. Most of them didn’t though.


Whoa we got a tuff’ guy ova here :laughing:


Nah. I just don’t imagine someone would get into the house, open the locked door without me knowing; and sit there and stare at me. It’s illogical…


But what about G-Gh GHOSTS? :scream:

No I hear you though ^.^ I get paranoid like that though if Im at home, alone and in the shower, and I hear the house creak or shift. One time I was showering at like 11 o’ clock at night and my girlfriend snuck in without me knowing. She creeped into out bathroom and I happened to peep out because a shadow fell across the shower curtain and she nearly gave me a heart attack. :laughing:


I get paranoid about people being outside my house, rarely inside. ^.-
Would be kind of hard to get in without me noticing.


People… aren’t… logical?

Also, I don’t think it’s meant to be a person… pretty sure it’s supposed to be some kinda of demon thingy… and not a real person.


I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in demons/ghosts. I guess I don’t have to worry about that. ^.^


But Shin… It’s not about if you believe in them, but if they believe in you… 0.0

Nah, all things considered… it’s not really a choice of faith, it’s praying on a sense of paranoia and fear about what COULD be there… watching you… even if there’s nothing. It’s an insecurity.