Dealing With Relentless Pain


I got a huge problem. A nureocellular problem. This problem has caused me to stop the thing I most enjoy, running. The pain gets so intense that my legs stop moving in order to stop the pain. My body collapses entirely and I can’t move for a few minutes afterwards. This has had a huge impact on my life and came close to being the cause of ending it. It saddens me a great deal and I’ve been dealing with a depression for almost 3 and a half years. Nothing has changed or gotten better, mostly it gets worse. As the problem begins to mutate it effects other parts of my body including my heart and cardiovascular system. The effects are unknown as far as what it can do.

But I’ve pushed on and kept going. I’ve had help though, because you simply can’t live without friends and family. I’ve started to run again and things are looking better. This is my message to you out there. Don’t give in or give up. Keep fighting and stay strong. Do the things you love no matter how high the wall is in front of you and no matter what you’re told. Nothing can stop you from being happy but yourself.


Is it due to impact from running? If so, maybe you can invest in other shoes to help prevent the pain? I am unsure without looking into this disease, since I am ignorant of it, if this is just a degenerative general condition or is brought on by extra activity…but that said, I personally cannot vouch enough for Vibram Five Finger shoes.

I own two pair myself and while I am not a runner I have run in them, and wear them whenever I know I will be on my feet walking all day like for theme parks etc. A lot of athletes use them for hiking and climbing. I love em! It’s like wearing nothing at all.

Sorry to hear about your condition mate.


No, it’s cause is unknown. Thank you for your concern.



It really depends on your feet as to if VibraM use of shoes will help. For some people it can make things worse because they need the support some shoes can provide.

@Vendalra I know a bit of what you feel from your pain because I injured my back about five years ago (NEVER try to lift something too heavy) and there are days where it hurts to anything and I can’t even exercise for too long because the strain aggravates my back. I’m glad you’ve started to overcome that pain and haven’t let it stop you from doing what you love.


Hey man I’ve been busy lately, but if you’re looking to talk feel free its been a while. Its always good to air this kind of thing out, keep on taking care of yourself man , take it easy :smile: .


Thank you all @Deity_Pharaoh @Katt @turwaith @SledgePainter It means a lot!


too true



I can’t stress enough how much I can understand how you feel, in fact i was constipated deeply for 2 and a half years, it was so horrible that I got used to it, we tried everything to no avail, and then they mentioned this one procedure, and that one procedure has made me normal again, it has only been a month and I feel like I could run a mile.


We’re all here for you man. You’re a big part of our community.
Does it hurt to walk, or is it mainly the running?


those feet shoes creep me out

Regardless, I hope something can be done for this condition.


It hurts %100 of the time.


Do any kind of antibiotic or pain medication help? I’m sorry to here this Vendalra.


All that I’ve tried don’t work. Doesn’t help they’re expensive as fuuuuccckkk.


Haha don’t knock it 'till you try it…they are amazing!


I’m using these specially made pair of Nike Pegasus’s.


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