Dealing with NPC's


For all Evolve players, you probably understand my frustration when you are stuck with NPC’s for hunters. So I thought of this great idea to lessen the load on your shoulders. You know how sometime’s it seems like the NPC’s want to take turns getting eaten by a tyrant or 1v1ing a sloth by trying to punch its crouch. There is a way to avoid all this! Im asking for a dev to review this, so what I was thinking was if you ping the creature, be a tyrant or a nomad, the NPC’s will see that as a no-go zone, and will avoid it. Genius right. And for my next idea, when your playing monster isn’t it frustrating when your playing against sunny and you have to sneak and let them pass to lose them, but that one NPC has to pass that amazing bush your hiding in and ruin everything, even though its a legit hiding spot with no clear view on you. A solution to this would be to “shade” the bushes so that instead of instantly spotting you, the NPC’s would have to look at you for an extended period of time before they realize your there. Food for thought.


You mean AIs, right? NPC stands for non-playable character. :smile:


Dev`s if you read this, I think this would be a great idea to implement in the game.