Dealing with Motion Sickness


I don’t usually suffer from motion sickness in planes, cars (unless I read while inside one), white water rafting, or on crazy awesome roller coasters one after another (just took on The Goliath at Six Flags Illinois! Yeah baby! Had to get a Turtle Rock fix in somehow…), but for movies bent on showing the action as if some toddler took it (Blair Witch, Cloverfield, home movies) and most FPS games like L4D, Aliens Vs Predator, etc. this is a big problem for me. Is there any other way to deal with this other than taking Dramamine pills 30 mins. prior to gaming? I find that I can usually build up a resistance to the motion sickness by increasing my play time every day, along with taking the pills, so by the end of a week or two I won’t need to take any pills…but it still seems really ridiculous to have to take a medication in order to play a game…or at least I get laughed at for it. Is there a better solution I don’t know about? Can I alter some frame rate in game or something to prevent this? Why does this happen in the first place if I can do the other aforementioned things? Just curious how others deal with this is all. The first few days Evolve releases is gonna be a delicate balance of wanting to play all day versus wanting to hurl in the bathroom.


hmm…sit farther away from the tv? no idea :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyones guess is better than mine. I guess talk to a doctor.


I am absolutely certain there was a post like this a while back but I can’t remember for the life of me who asked about it and/or where it was posted but I’ll have a good look for you because I’m sure one of the devs replied to it! :smile:


Aha! This was it:

Not quite the same as motion sickness but there’s a bit in there that should help! :smile:


Some things that may help improve the condition would be stuff similar to the following:

Regulating the amount of time you play during prolonged hours. Clearly playing games non-stop for hours on end can be somewhat hazardous for numerous reasons, it’s always best to take a 10-15minute break in between a few hours of sitting there. Not only does this give your eyes a rest from strain but also helps circulate blood in your body and prevent blood clots from forming and rushing to your heart upon standing (A common incident that can occur while sitting during prolong periods of time without moving) This can occur during air flights for example, and is reason why your body will appear to get “antsy” if you start sitting still for too long, it’s telling you to move so the blood flows.

Eyewear. There are some companies out there that produce gaming eye wear with amber tinted lenses and such that are of said to help reduce the amount of strain on your eyes during gameplay. Alot of people lately have been buying into these, professional and casual gamers alike. They may help with motion sickness as well. Gunnar is one company for example that produces and manufactures these.

Distance to tv/monitor. For video games, more so PC related it can be somewhat tough to do but try to add some more distance in between yourself and the monitor on which you are playing. Sometimes your eyes never properly focus on the picture and with all the motion going on never get a chance to pinpoint one specific image giving you that motion sickness feeling or dizzyness.

You can also attempt to edit the in-game options to try and find a good suit to your liking which doesn’t induce the feeling as much. Things you can do to try and alleviate that issue would be adjusting camera angles, field of vision, certain graphics and effects like particles, lens flaring etc

Based upon your examples of doing other things where it doesn’t occur like outdoor activities, it seems to be stemmed more so from the usage of TV/Monitor type peripherals and hardware. Whether it be a combination of your eyes not being able to focus properly on the images displayed, or the means in which images are displayed on the monitor via refresh rates, frames per second and so forth. Motion sickness I do believe stems mostly from eye sight, depth perception and perceived movement involving those things.

If it still is an issue for you, and is hindering your lifestyle you always could visit a family doctor to see what recommendations he may have for you, be it going to see a specialist or getting on some form of medication.


Thank you everyone. I will try to see if maybe altering a camera angle from the game itself might help…and again it’s only first person shooters that cause this…not games like Super Mario Bros. which sidescroll along. I never heard about the eyewear, so I will have to go check into that, as that could be promising. My husband actually has depth perception problems and he cannot see 3D films, yet he can play Left for Dead just fine…but then again he doesn’t get motion sick. He’s also the one that gets on me about taking pills just to play games…but to be fair he isn’t a gamer and only games under duress when I force him to, LOL, so he just doesn’t “get it.” I tried to get him hyped for Evolve since his biggest issue with all my games is AI, but even so he’s just not into it…just prefers Minecraft. He’s an engineer, so I guess that’s his after work…um, playtime? Haha don’t get me wrong, I play Minecraft too, and mainly to be able to play WITH him, but that just can’t compare to HUNTING, know what I mean?

I’ve digressed again, heh, sorry.
I don’t do doctors, so I will continue my hunt to find a quicker way to rid myself of the queazies. Come to think of it I can probably start playing L4D2 a month prior to Evolve’s launch and be good to game all day, no pills, on release day.


All this talk about pills and L4D, I am trying VERY HARD here not to make a pun!

  1. Turn on more lights. Playing in a dark room is bad for your eyes
  2. Sit further away from the TV.
  3. Your body can get used to it after repeated sessions (a pattern of playing and getting
    sick, stopping, and then restarting later when you feel better
    until you stop getting sick entirely) when your brain finally
    realizes that what you are seeing and doing isn’t actually
    harming you. That process of getting used to it can take a while and
    isn’t pleasant, however. There are some medications that help
    (Dramamine, Bonine, Meclizine and Benadryl) and while they can work,
    they also all make you drowsy. Not good for gamers and I do not
    recommend them.
  4. Recommended Treatments:

From my first hand
experience, I recommend a couple of things. Ginger pills work
tremendously well and don’t have any side effects. You can also
try special wristbands called “Sea Bands” that put pressure on a
nerve in your wrist that sends the motion sickness signals to
your brain. Take a ginger pill and put on the wristbands before
you start playing. Combine the two for better results.


Hahaha! I see what you mean but lets keep it above board, lol.


As for the eyeglasses, they are roughly about 70 dollars for a pair but do come in all kinds of other styles/colors and so forth. Not sure how will they would work for motion sickness, but people do swear by them for eye strain and such which I am sure is a factor into the motion sickness bit.

Here’s a link about them.


Wow. I will have to try this!


I wear glasses now just for near-sightedness, and am feeling due for a new pair…these glasses look amazing and actually suited for a “gamer,” well, at least the Gamer style ones. Might have to get me some.


Our FOV is pretty wide, which usually helps a lot for motion sickness. Games with a really tight FOVs tend to make me feel a little sick too.


Like @SlabOMeat said, make sure you increase the FoV. I know a couple people who have a really hard time playing games with terrible FoV settings, Destiny being one I hear complaints from him about. Explains it like looking through a telescope at a game, and it causes him motion sickness. Definitely turn down motion blur in the game, if it’s even included in Evolve.

Like others have mentioned, sit back from the monitor, keep the room as bright as possible, and if all else fails try chewing on some ginger, rather than taking the pills.


OP sounds like me, except i go to Cedar Point in Sandusky OH. Yeah, wide FoVs really solves it for me. I typically go to at least 100 degress if the game allows although i’m typically fine if it caps around 90. And I avoid shooters that put you at a disadvantage for not looking down sights while shooting…