Deadpool Movie Discussion (SPOILERS)


Due to the great early reviews and mass appeal for this movie we’ve decided to have a topic where everyone can feel free to discuss it here. No need to put anything in spoilers, the title and first topic should be enough to warn people off. That being said, no spoilers for other movies/games as usual :slightly_smiling:

Deadpoool movie
Deadpoool movie

I will return to this thread as soon as I’ve watched the crap out of this movie :smiling_imp:


I would like to hear if it is worth seeing. I am someone who is on the fence on this movie, so can’t wait to see what people here think.


I’ve heard nothing but great things about it. Even Betty White apparently likes it!


Hahaha I love Betty White she is so funny. Well I will have to check it out it looks pretty good from the trailers! The only reason I had some fear up to this point was the writing has to be really really good to actually make Deadpool funny. I think Deadpool is a nice break from the normal superhero just wasn’t sure if Fox could write him well.


Alright, only popping in here rn so I don’t see this thread after its released and feel tempted cuz spoilers. I shall return as soon as I finish watching it.


Just saw it, that movie was AWESOME!!!


Great acting, amazing action, funny as hell, awesome soundtracks, epic story, etc.

Loved it!!! :slightly_smiling:


Just watched it , it was beautiful. It captures the spirit of the comic wel

Well guys, how do i spoiler tag stuff? Vanessa is rly a girlfriend you make from a computer if u tick the right boxes lol


[spoiler] Write spoiler here [/ spoiler]
Don’t put a space between the / and s of the second set.


Yes, @Valeofnight explained how to make the text blurry, but you don’t need to do that for this thread.

It says SPOILERS in the title so people should know that there will be spoilers listed. Feel free to say whatever about the movie you want to discuss.


I’m seeing it tonight. I’ll post my full in depth review when I get back.
Can’t wait brah! Fookin Deadpool!


Originally I was gonna see it tonight



I have to also say that Francis vs Wade swordfight is up there with Bucky Vs Steve fistfight.

If they plan on doing xforce it will be pretty sweet if Hugh Jackman comes out for one last hurrah lol


Ok just saw it so here is my review.

Deadpool is a fuckin sexy mixture of comedy and action compiled into one amazing orgasmic film. FROM THE FIRST LITERAL SECONDS OF THE MOVIE, THE WHOLE THEATRE WAS LAUGHING. The movie doesnt play out exactly chronologically, but is instead psudo-narrated by Ryan Reynolds with some intermediate flashbacks as the movie progresses. There are fantastic jokes and references to pop culture and other obscurities that really make you listen. Its a really smart movie if you pay attention. The action scenes are over the top violent with a comedic element thrown in for nearly each kill. All of this compiles into a fantastic final throwdown between deadpool and ajax(frances) that ends in the only way it could. a laugh and a bang.

I would actually go so far as to rate this above star wars. It was a thrilling ride beginning to end and everyone(ages 17 and older) should go watch it.


Hot damn Deadpool was great. Those opening credits were hilarious, and the “Every dinosaur fears the tyrannosaurus rex” bit had me in tears.

The story and villains aren’t anything better or worse than most Marvel films, it’s the batshit insanity of Deadpool that really elevates the film. Would highly recommend it.

Sidenote: The movie is 14A in Canada, so everytime the boobies came out, the 12 year old kid sitting beside me with his dad had to cover his eyes haha.


That part was great.

Also, when he’s cutting his hand off. “Ever seen 127 hours? Spoiler alert.” Something like that anyway. :smile:



The studio not being able to afford more xmen


The Stan Lee Cameo

Jokes were great


I am already eagerly anticipating the sequel that was announced. Cable!

If you are still on the fence, go watch it. Now.


Omg! I remember, that made me lol :laughing: