Deadpool hunter character idea...(caution if you're squeamish about stuff like violence, and sexual references.)


This is about a Deadpool character class

Deadpool, as he’s such a sarcastic asshole, and he would wreck the monsters with duel swords, invincibility, a shit load of guns, and if all else fails, than he will ERASE THE MONSTERS FROM THE CANON EXISTENCE!

also, i’ve though up of some lines for him:

DP to other hunters: “Hey, didn’t you die last round?” “Really, you chose that class? couldn’t you have gone the other dude?”

DP to Goliath: “Jesus, you could punch someone with those abs!” “once i kill you, i’m gonna rip off those pecs and staple them to myself! did that come out wrong?”

DP to Wraith: “Is it wierd i feel something bulging in my pants right now, or am i looking at a monster with tits?”

DP to Bob/Behemoth: “Hey, the nearest Mcdonalds is that way!” “Time for a trip to the gym, fatso!” “Start eating some salad, because i guarentee you, these guys would not be good for that diet!”

DP to Gorgan: “The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout, down came the Wade and washed the spider out! Up came the sun and Deadpool took his shot, so the itsy bitsy spider never moved again!”

what do you guys think? if you want, you can add on to the idea with other stuff, like new quotes and conversations, or maybe some adaptions? comment below!

Jesus this is gonna get flagged into the ground, isn’t it.


Would he really win easily? Lol. Pretty sure he’d “die” a few times before he starts wrecking the monsters. xp


he is invincible, so i assume he would live a while before he gets ded.


(caution if you’re squeamish about stuff like violence, and sexual references.)
uh oh, i don’t wanna squeam 2 hard.

Nah, but I wouldn’t mind a slightly self aware/referential character in Evolve. It kind of endangers the narrative established by dialogue, but I think Matt could probably make it work. I don’t know if it’d be top of my list personally. I can’t get enough old bearded men tbh. More beards pls.


he’d probably call out Matthew on shit.


well I think he has called out writers before in the comics, i’m sure Matthew could do that justice, but I doubt he’d want to invest in a character that works to kind of pull you out of your immersion. If you would call it that.





Deadpool: "Hey crazy drone dude, help me double team this Monster!!! That wasn’t supposed to sound dirty. Don’t take that the wrong way."
EMET: “Oh my!!!”


Don’t do it trs my friend hates laz, hank, name all hunters with beards here

######btw it’s redPanda if any of you know her tried to get her on the forums but… idk if she has