Deadly dead sloth (pc)


Had the weirdest experiance today. Our team killed a sloth buff we all grab it, and then we get sloth smashed. The invisable death sloth then continues it’s assault the entire duration of the dome on the wraith that had wanted the buff, and when we pass by later as well. Invisable Ghost sloth is mad.


Sloth got tired of being butchered, saw a Wraith use Decoy and, well…


Sloths with invisibility.


At least it wasn’t an invisible Mammoth Bird, they’re op as it is when we can see them. :laughing:


It’s funny @Jedi_Warrior, the match after I killed two mammoth birds only to get zapped by lightning by both of them when I walked over their corpses. Invisible ghost mammoth birds are evil. Needless to say I freakin booked it after.


Was it Lazarus? Laz can revive wildlife.


No, we had val. It was invisable wildlife attacks by wildlife thats corpse was laying on the ground.


I honestly think that whole “docile sloths” is complete BS most wildlife ai is stupidly aggressive , mammoth birds will bully you for no reason, trapjaws follow you LONG after running from them, reavers being aggressive enough to attack a tyrant and get themselves killed . Etc …oh and dont get my started with NOMADS