Deadgame, Rip


There is more people playing killing floor,then this game lmao, look at steam charts, this is not a joke that game has been around for 10 years, im just asking when does this game go free to play if not Rip in peperonies :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, f2p… HF with playing Hunter’s then…


Evolve > Killing Floor anyday. Nuff said. /thread


Completely agreed


i want a refund for the game but at the same time i really love the game… i dunno maybe because nobody’s on the online match anymore


I am looking forward to Killing floor 2… But it wont stop me palying evolve…


I think when Evolve runs its course I’ll be done with gaming. Can’t see the industry going anywhere but downhill. That being said…I can’t ever see Evolve running its course. :wink:


Only because it’s been on sale for like 5 bucks 30 times and it can run on a toaster that can only brown one piece of toast at a time. Also KF is not 10 years old.


Yes! They will both have a place in my heart!


Don’t know about PC but on PS4 it’s so easy to find a game…
I’d love to know the console figures in comparison to PC cause it seems all the ‘RIP Evolve’ threaders are PC players

By the way RIP for who? I for one am still going to play and enjoy the game, so take this ‘deadthread’ elsewhere :smile:


I would like to know how large the Playerbase on Xbox and PS4 is. I mean active Players around the Primetime…


I wonder this too. I always hear how sparse the playercount is on PC, but I never struggle playing on X1, be it around 1PM, midnight or six in the morning. That being said - Maybe it’s not THAT many more players rather than that people play cross-nation. It seems like Steam supports local plays only? I am in Germany and I always play with Americans, English people, French and so on.


I literally don’t know why people say how sparse the PC playerbase is. I literally have 0 trouble finding games.
Ever since the big patch, I’ve had no problems getting my favourite role, either (though I still sometimes get Monster, but MUCH more rarely than I used to).

Sometimes when I want to 100% play hunter, and want a few easy chillout games, I’ll jump into Co-op Evacuation, and only then do I SOMETIMES struggle to get a full team. Most of the time I get a game with my preferred role in that mode too.


I know the player base needs to grow, but I’m hopeful it will in time, a PSN+ free release would work wonders there somewhere down the line.

Having said that I’ve never had a problem finding a game on PS4. Evolve is in its infancy, not on its deathbed.


Such a shame it’s not popular on PC I don’t have trouble playing on the consoles


The numbers might not be as high on pc, but I still have no trouble finding games. Sure you encounter a few players you have played against before, but I don’t really see an issue in this.


This is pretty much the case on ps4 as well. I never have any trouble getting into a match (mostly Evac) and probably once or twice on a weekday I’ll run into someone I recognize. A little more frequently on the weekends. But that’s not a bad thing. And the more people that hit the 35+ mark, the more fresh faces I see


Pretty sure dead games don’t have MM that only take 30 seconds.


On PC* :blush:


I don’t care if there were 15 people playing PC Evolve at all times, I’ll find a way; to find some games.