Dead Realm

Can’t deal

Won’t deal

buying it.
I got Hammy and @MrTalha to get it(?) too.
@MajorLeeHyper you should get this too, we need to play moar videogames >:c


Oh, cool. So it’s like Damned?

I got it. Going to be great.

There are a couple differences though.
Like the hiders (humans) have all sorts of abilities to escape the seeker (ghosts)
And if seekers are found they turn into a “reaped soul” and help the Ghost find the Humans.
Devs said they will add more characters as time goes on.

Am I the only one that see it?


They also got something called the “Wolfman” ghost
Haven’t seen it though.

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Alright, quick update, if you’re looking for a spooky yet fun hide-n-seek game on PC you need to get this. It’s hilarious and scary as hell ;_; I’ve screamed so many times already xD


Absolutely not. Too spooky for me :confounded:

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Do it.

If I’m not wrong Talha or my brother might upload some footage XD

Shia says DO IT

Thank you Vanoss and other youtubers for creating one of my most favorite games as a kid into something scary as shiz.

If someone would buy for me, that be great. But that won’t happen.

Would someone post gameplay. I’m betting it is PC exclusive, so I won’t be able to play it anyway, but it does look interesting.

I want this game so I could be creepy and spook people. I enjoy doing voices to add to the game (either for hunting or just being silly). I also get scared pretty easily. But I need friends to play this :angry:

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It’s 15 dollars. I could probably get away with buying it. :smirk:

My only concern is the longevity of the game’s life. It’s a bit too simple.

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There are currently…2 game modes?