Dead people glitching threw ground


I was playing laz and the bodies glicthed threw ground preventing revive


can confirm… +1


This happened on Aviary and Medlab


Fusion plant for me


Orbital Drill for me.


Thanks for reporting the issue in the report bugs section. We’ll be looking into the issue. The next time this occurs, please ping the location, then try to pull up the map and take a screenshot.


I had this on Wraith Trap. After being killed the body actually teleported across the map which messed up my Laz playing pretty bad.


Same thing happened to me I was about to jump down for a revive when the death marker disappeared and showed up like 60m away.


Happen to me a bunch of times kind of throws of my revives on laz the bodies either fall through the ground or are suddenly 300m acroos the map. Xbox one here.


I love playing Laz, but this glitch is starting to make him unnviable :frowning:. I hope this glitch is high on in your priorities.

Edit: Seriously. This happened 3 times since typing this…


Had this happen twice on Refueling Tower to me last night in a single game. One was near the tyrant pool by that waterfall with the path/cave behind it and again just inside of the door of the generator. I was on my friend’s XB so didn’t get an pics, and I was the one who fell through.