Dead on xbox1?


So now all of a sudden I can’t find a single game. Been like this since last night (from uk).

Lack of players or matchmaking problems??


Same here it can take over 15 minutes to find s game and even then it doesn’t sometimes Im just playing offline with boys now (sigh) :confused:


I’ve been searching for over 30 mins now and still nothing. This has to be server problems


Yeah and it’s also super suspicious that they don’t show the number of people online Hmm… could it be that they know there’s not that many -_-


Me aswell on the east coast, if you mean you cant find a game right now its most likely because its 3 am over here on top of the preference system slowing matchmaking and probably not that many people playing.


yeah, but there has to be at least one person to match me with lol


I can vouch that the PC has matches available right now. Maybe 2K is doing a server upgrade?


People are also probably worried about getting progress reset which I why i’m stingy about playign on Xbox


I’ve had this since launch on xbox one.

I think it’s a bug in matchmaking combined with a low player count and people worried about resets.

There’s no official word on whether or not its getting fixed in the coming patch, sadly.


I had no problems when I played last time (which was yesterday) but I’d say it’s something with the servers. Even if the play count is super low, you’ll always have a few players to join up with in such a new game.


wowwwwww, yep it JUST happened to me. I’ve logged in over 150 matches and I’ve lost all progress… unbelievable


I find that it’s a bit harder to find games now that I’m lvl 30+

could be a bug or working as intended (less people at rank 30+) who knows


How’d you lose it? I mean what happened right before you lost it? they have a fix coming out for it and theyre working on a way to return progress but id like to know how it happened to maybe avoid it.


They said it will be fixed in the patch but that sucks. i’m level 35 and almost have all the monsters elited so I’m not takign any risks


I was playing solo matches and then I went on the companion app (hunters quest) to put some mastery boosts on my characters, which I’ve done before with no problems. Then I sign out of the game in order for the mastery boosts to take effect; once I sign back in the game took me through the adjust gamma and adjust screen edges and then the monster tutorial… Essentially the game acted as if this was the first time I had put the disc in


I had Val elited and rank 2 with many other hunters. I wouldn’t take the chance if I were you, this is so frustrating


hmm, might wanna report that one to 2k. haven’t heard that one before.


yeah. well I take it back, I didn’t lose everything. I still have my profile pic, the badges in it are locked though… You can’t take that away from me Turtle Rock, nobody can take away my monocle bucket badge


I would stay the shit away from the app tbh. I didn’t even know it existed for a good while and never used it, haven’t had a single problem. It seems everyone who lost progress was a user of that app, so I’d keep my hands off of that until it’s fixed.


I did a hard reset on my Xbone and it’s fine now, had the same issue today, hold that power button down for 15 seconds & turn her back on.