Dead hunter body bug report while playing lazarus


Yesterday, during a very interesting multiplayer session, I met a new bug while playing lazarus.

  • The first time, the assault as Parnel has been killed by a savage monster! Suddenly, his dead body has crossed the map on 500 meters. Maybe, the body is out of range under the ground or out side the map at the side.
  • The second, the trapper as Maggie has been hitted and killed by the Kraken twice. Then the kraken tried to eat the body. But the body in both case has glide throw the map on 500 meters (always this same 500 meters)

So, it seems that an old bug of dead body using Lazarus is still here and appears with periodicy.


Would you happen to have such an occurrence recorded? Any footage you can get of said bug is most appreciated by the devs as they can then use it to find out how they done goofed


Ok, I will try to make an occurence recorded from the devs. I am alsoe into informatic development. And I know how difficult it is to find a bug without a scenario.


All of these have also happened to me a few times, also when hunters die in water their body seems to sometimes seems to sink through the map and therefore beyond reach of the Lazarus device😔


I just had this happen to me. Poor kids I was playing with were near in tears, and I’m just like PPFFT okay. Still got back to revive another fallen teammate, chill boys, chill.

Laz got this.